WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

What Is Suorin Shine Pod Kit?

The Suorin Shine Pod Kit is a powerful and stylish vape pen that offers easy-to-use features for all types of vapers. It comes with a 700mAh battery, as well as an adjustable wattage range from 9 to 15 watts, allowing you to experience the perfect vape each time. Additionally, it has a leak-proof design and an intuitive refilling system for added convenience. With its stylish design and powerful performance, the Suorin Shine Pod Kit is sure to become your go-to device for all your vaping needs. Know More

When Did The Suorin Shine Come Out?

The Suorin Shine was released in May 2021 and has quickly become one of the most popular pod systems on the market.

What Will Suorin Shine Package Kit Come With?

  • Suorin Shine Pod body * 1
  • Suorin Shine Pod Cartridge *2
  • Micro USB * 1
  • User Manual*1

How To Use Suorin Shine?

  • 1. Check all the SHINE device kit to know if it is all packaged and read the Suorin shine user manual first
  • 2. Charge the battery. Although the device will come with power, it will be better to vape with a full battery for the first time.
  • 3. Choose from a variety of flavors that are available on the market. Filling the e-liquid into the cartridge! And make
  • sure the cartridge cotton has fully saturated.
  • 4. Remove the sticker from the atomizer and start using it by attaching the cartridge to a vaping device.
  • 5. When all the steps above are ready, you can start to vape it!

How To Turn On/Off Suorin Shine?

Suorin Shine pod kit support 2 methods to turn on or start using it: Auto draw and Press the fire button.

If you use the auto draw function, you just need to put the Shine mouthpiece to your lips and inhale. When you inhale, the Suorin shine battery will be activated and engages the heating element. You can vape naturally.

If you press the fire button to start it, press the fire button 5 times continuously to turn it on. When the indicator light flashes green, it was turned on and you can vape it!

How To Fill Suorin Shine Pods?

  • 1.Open the Suorin Shine pod's silicone plug. Lightly snap sides, then pull off.
  • 2.Pinch the sides of the pod cartridge with your fingers and fill it
  • 3.Close the plug tightly and wait 5-8 minutes to make sure the cotton is fully saturated

How To Recharge Suorin Shine?

Suorin Shine comes with a micro USB cable, you can charge it with this micro USB cable.

How To Clean Suorin Shine?

The vape device is normally to be dirty in our daily use. If you find the Suorin Shine is dirty with dust or something, you can use the tissue or wet wipes to clean it away. If you want to clean the Suorin Shine pods, you can follow the steps below:

  • 1.To clean a Suorin Shine pod, remove the pod from the device and gently brush away any debris with a dry toothbrush.
  • 2.If needed, you can use a small amount of isopropyl alcohol on a cotton swab to clean the inside of the pod.
  • 3.Let the pod dry completely before reinserting it into the device.

How To Take Apart a Suorin Shine?

Suorin Shine kit comes with a pod battery body and a pod cartridge. They connect tightly by the magnetic contacts when you installed them. If you want to take apart them, you just need to hold their body and pod cartridge with your hands and simply take them apart from different sides.

How To Know When Suorin Shine Is Fully Charged?

Suorin Shine pods have an LED light feature on their bottom. The LED light feature indicates the battery charge level of the device so that you can know when the device is running low on battery and needs charging. When you charge the Suorin device or take a draw from it, you will notice the LED feature lighting up. Here are the LED colors that you will see on your Suorin Shine as well as their meaning:

  • Green – shows the battery status of the device is over 70%
  • Blue- shows the battery status is between 30% and 70%
  • Red – shows the battery status of the Suorin device is under 30%

When you are charging, if the indicator light can stay green stably, it means the Suorin Shine is fully charged!

How To Do If The Suorin Shine Can't Be Charged?

When the Shine pod kit device's battery cannot be charged, check that the charger cord is fully connected to the micro USB port. If yes, you can reconnect it carefully. Or not, you can try to change to another micro USB cable to change it. If it still can't work, you can contact the Suorin team to fix it!

Why Is My Suorin Shine Blinking Green?

Suorin Shine blink green is not a big deal of it. It is normal. There are a few situations in which the indicator light blinks green.

  • Pushing the button 5 times to turn on it, the LED will blink green.
  • When you are charging, it will blink green when the battery has over 70% power.

Why Is My Suorin Shine Blinking Red?

There are a few situations in which the indicator light blinks red.

  • Pushing the button 5 times to turn off it, the LED will blink red.
  • When you are charging, it will blink red when the battery has under 30% battery capacity.

What does My Suorin Shine Indicator Light Flash mean?

  • 1.Cartridge occurs short-circuit, the LED light will flash 5 times
  • 2.The cartridge was burnt or didn't connect to the device well, the LED light will flash 8 times
  • 3.Over 5s hitting the protection circuit, the LED light will flash 10 times
  • 4.Low battery and needs to recharge as soon as possible, the LED light will flash red 3 times

How Long Do Suorin Shine Pods Last?

Suorin Shine Pods are recommended to change/replace after filling e-liquid 5-8 times or within 7 days after e-liquid filling. If you use it as daily use, maybe it can long last about 2 weeks depending on the frequency of your vaping as well as the flavor.

Why Is My Suorin Shine Leaking?

Suorin Shine has been designed on liquid leakage-proof. In general, you needn't worry about the leaking problem. But it still has many reasons to cause it to leak including:

  • 1.Vapers tighten the Shine pod kit pod cartridge too much and damage the rubber rings that create the seal, leading to leaks
  • 2.The chimney on the device is the hollow tube inside the cartridge
  • 3.Vapers constantly suck on the device, generate more heat and force more liquid through the coil.
  • 4.Overuse or chain puffing can lead to leaks
  • 5.Broken seals and poor-fitting seals

Why Does My Suorin Shine Taste Burnt?

There are many reasons that can cause a vape device to taste burnt. Based on Suorin Shine, there may be the reasons

  • 1.Vape without filling enough e-liquid or didn't wait 5-8 minutes after first filling the Suorin ShinePod cartridge and the coil cotton didn't situate.
  • 2.Vaping too quickly or chain vaping, the Shine pod kit is not able to keep up with the speed and strength of the draw on it.
  • 3.Vaping the Wrong Kind of E-Liquid
  • 4.The Shine pod cartridge only lasts so long and it needs to be replaced You can check the reason and how to fix the taste burnt here!
  • What to do if the Suorin Shine aerosol isn't emitted?

    If the aerosol is not emitted normally when puffing on the device:

    • A. Confirm that the cartridge is properly in place and tightly connected to the device.
    • B. Confirm that the device is under the “turn on” state.
    • C. Confirm that sufficient e-liquid remains in the cartridge. If not, refill the cartridge.
    • D. Confirm that adequate charge remains in the battery. If not, please charge as soon as possible.

    If the product still does not work, email our customer service center at info@suorin.com or info@youmeit.shop for further assistance.

    What Kind Of E-liquid/Vape Juice Can Suorin Shine Pods Support?

    • Suorin Shine Pods can be used with Nic-Salt e-liquids
    • Suorin Shine Pods can be used with Free base e-liquids
    • Shine pod kit Pods can be used with Nicotine-Free e-liquids (0mg/0%)
    • Shine pod kit Pods can be used with 60/40 VG/PG ratio e-liquids
    • Suorin Shine Pods can be used with 70/30 VG/PG ratio e-liquids

    Where to Buy Suorin Shine &Replacement Pod Cartridges?

    Suorin official online store is youmeit.shop, you can buy all Suorin vapes and replacement pod cartridges there!

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