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Why Does Your Vape Taste Burnt? How To Fix?

author-icon Suorin Team date-icon Feb 14, 2023


Have you ever taken a puff of your vape and been met with an unpleasant burnt taste? If so, you are not alone. Why does my vape taste burn and how can I fix it? These are questions lots of vapers have asked themselves. Don't worry - this is totally normal, and we're here to help fix your problems.

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  2. # E-liquid Problems
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  4. #Device Problems
  5. How to Avoid Buying Low-Quality Devices
  6. Can Every Burnt Taste Be Fixed?
  7. Best Ways to Prevent Burnt Hits

Why Does Your Vape Taste Burnt

If you've ever been vaping only to find that your vape tastes burnt, it can be a pretty disappointing experience! This is a common issue for many vapers and can ruin your vaping experience. Here are some possible reasons why your vape might be tasting burnt. To avoid this, it's important to understand why you might be getting this flavor in the first place. Possible causes of burnt taste include e-liquid issues, device problems, or personal use issues. Let's break each of these down:

# E-liquid Problems

1). Wrong kind of e-liquid

If you are experiencing a burnt flavor when vaping, one possible cause could be the type of e-liquid you are using. Different types of e-liquid can have different levels of sweetness and heat resistance, so it's important to get the right kind for your device. For example, if you are using an older style tank or coil with a sub-ohm setup, it won't be able to handle thicker juices properly. You should also avoid using nicotine salts in high-wattage mods as they will burn quickly.

How to Fix it:

To get the best flavor out of your vape, make sure to use the correct e-liquid for your device!

2). Running too low on e-liquid

Without enough e-liquid in your tank, the exposed coils can get too hot which will cause whatever juice is left to have an awful taste. It is also a frequently seen reason! When you didn't fill the e-liquid to the mini e-liquid level line, it is easy to happen taste burnt.


How to Fix it:

To avoid this, fill up your pod tank with plenty of e-juice, at least over the mini e-liquid level line!

3). Old or expired e-liquid

Not only can the wrong type of e-liquid cause burnt-tasting vapor, but old or expired e-liquids can also do the same. Over time, exposure to oxygen and light can degrade the flavorings and nicotine in the e-liquid, resulting in a burnt taste.

How to Fix it:

To ensure that your vaping experience is as pleasant as possible, it's best to use fresh e-liquids. If you have a large collection of flavors, try to use them regularly to avoid any potential issues. Additionally, store your e-liquids away from direct sunlight and heat for longer shelf life.

#Personal Using Problems

1). Vaping before the coil cotton has had time to fully absorb the e-liquid

When you switch out your coil, the cotton in the atomizer takes some time to fully absorb the e-liquid. If you start vaping too soon, the coil won't have enough of a supply and will start burning the liquid instead, resulting in a nasty burnt taste.

How to Fix it:

To ensure that this doesn't happen, always let your new coil sit for a few minutes after you've switched it. This will give it time to absorb and saturate with e-juice before you fire it up. Doing so will give you a much better-tasting vape!

2). Vaping too quickly or chain vaping

Vaping too quickly and chain vaping are common causes of burnt vape tastes. When you take too many hits on your device in a short amount of time, it can't keep up with the demand and will start burning the liquid instead. The same is true when you take long, hard pulls on your device as it won't have enough time to heat up properly before vaporizing the e-liquid.

How to Fix it:

To avoid this issue, make sure to take slow and steady puffs from your device and give it some time to cool down between each hit. This will ensure that the liquid is being properly vaporized and give you a much better tasting-experience!

3). Incorrectly priming the coil when setting up a new pod or coil

Another possible reason why your vape tastes burnt is that the wick inside the atomizer coil is too dry or has not been primed properly prior to use. This could occur if you've just filled up the tank with e-liquid, and then immediately started vaping. It is called dry burnt. When setting up a new pod or coil, you must ensure that the cotton is properly primed. This involves adding e-liquid to the wick and allowing it to be fully absorbed before using your device.

How to Fix it:

Make sure to wait at least 5 minutes before turning on your device so the e-liquid can be absorbed by the wick fully! If this step is skipped or done incorrectly, then the cotton won't be able to absorb enough e-liquid. If it hasn't been primed long enough, there won't be enough liquid available to keep up with how fast you're vaping, causing a burned taste. This causes a nasty burnt taste that can ruin your vaping experience.

4). High-power vaping settings when using lower-wattage coils

Using higher wattage settings with lower wattage coils can cause burnt vape tastes. This happens when the coil is unable to handle the high temperatures and starts burning the e-liquid instead of vaporizing it. The result is a nasty burnt taste that ruins your vaping experience.

How to Fix it:

Adjust your wattage settings. To avoid this issue, make sure you are always using the recommended wattage settings for your coil. If you're unsure what that is, check the side of your tank or coil package as manufacturers usually list their recommended wattages there. You should always read the manufacturer's recommended wattage range for each specific atomizer coil, and stay within that range - otherwise, you risk overheating the coil and burning it out. Stick to those guidelines to ensure that your device can handle the power and provide you with a much better-tasting vape!

By understanding why your vape might be tasting burnt, you'll be able to take actionable steps toward getting back to enjoying great-tasting vapor again!

#Device Problems

1). Low-quality Vape devices

Low-quality devices are often more prone to producing this unpleasant taste. There are several reasons why a low-quality device might cause your vape to taste burnt:

  • The metal components can easily heat up and burn the e-liquid、
  • Buildup in the coil can make it difficult for e-liquid to flow through correctly
  • Poor quality materials may not be able to handle heat correctly, causing them to burn easily and frequently or degrade over time

How to Fix it:

Using higher-quality devices is the best way to avoid these issues and get great-tasting vapor again!

2). Vaping with an old or worn-out coil

When an atomizer coil gets old or worn out, it will start to produce a burnt taste. This happens because the coil begins to break down over time due to heat exposure, which leads to a decrease in flavor production as well as an increase in burned flavors.

How to Fix it:

It is better to replace the vape coil frequently. It is recommended to change a new coil after filling the e-liquid 5-8 times or within 7 days after e-liquid filling.

3). The buildup of residue on coils

Over time if you don't clean or replace your coils regularly, they may become clogged with residue that creates a charred flavor when heated up during use.

How to Fix it:

Cleaning or replacing them every couple of weeks should prevent this from occurring too often.

How to Avoid Buying Low-Quality Devices?

When it comes to buying a device for your vaping needs, quality is always a priority. Here are some tips on how to avoid buying low-quality devices:

1). Read Reviews

Research the device you are considering and read both professional and user reviews so you can get an idea of its performance.

2). Look for Warranties

Quality products offer warranties, so make sure to check the manufacturer's website for any available warranties. That way, if something does go wrong with the device, you can get it replaced or repaired.

3). Look for Professional Advice

Talk to vape shop owners or online vape retailers and ask them what they recommend as far as brands go. They should be able to steer you in the right direction with their expert advice.

4). Invest in Good Quality

Don't take any chances by opting for a cheap device; investing in good quality will save you trouble down the line and ensure that your vaping experience is top-notch every time! Suorin vapes are small vapes that have great designs. They are exported to more than 90 countries and Suorin quickly became one of the most popular e-cigarette brands worldwide. If you are looking for a vape brand that offers a high-quality vape kit that provides a unique vaping experience then Suorin is a must.

Can Every Burnt Taste Be Fixed?

Unfortunately, not every burnt vape hit can be fixed. The answer to this depends on the cause of the burnt taste. If it is due to too high wattage settings or a dry hit, the coil can't be fixed. Usually, the coil needs to be replaced.

However, if the burnt taste is simply due to the overall flavor of your vape juice, then there are ways you can either adjust your device settings or switch up your e-juice flavor to fix this.

Best Ways to Prevent Burnt Hits

Burnt hits can ruin your vaping experience, but luckily there are some easy ways to prevent them. Here are the best tips for avoiding burnt hits:

  • Always make sure you properly prime your coils before using them. This involves adding e-liquid to the wick and letting it be fully absorbed for at least 5 minutes.
  • Use the recommended wattage settings for your coil, as listed on its packaging or side of the tank. Going higher than that can result in burnt hits.
  • If you notice a burnt taste while vaping, adjust your settings or replace your coil as soon as possible to avoid further damage.
  • Keep an eye on your e-liquid levels, and refill when they get low to prevent burning through the liquid too quickly and resulting in burnt hits.
  • Clean and maintain your device regularly, as this helps keep it running optimally and prevents any issues with burnt tastes.
  • Avoid high VG e-liquids, which have a high sugar content and will stick to coils causing them to burn out.
  • Don't be a rapid chain vaper, as this burns out coils very quickly! Conserve your coils by dialing back how much and how fast you vape.

By following these tips, you can make sure your vape always tastes its best! Doing so will not only help keep that burnt taste away but also extend the lifespan of your device. So don't be discouraged if you ever find yourself asking 'why does my vape taste burnt?', just follow these steps and you'll be back in action in no time!