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Why Is My Vape Pen Not Working?

author-icon Suorin Team date-icon Mar 14, 2023


There's nothing worse than picking up your vape pen and discovering that it doesn't work. When you want to enjoy vaping, you need a reliable device. Here are some reasons your vape pen may stop working.

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  1. It's a Push-Button Problem
  2. Dead Battery - Is It Charged?
  3. Faulty Connection - It Automatically Locked
  4. Your Pod Is Leaking
  5. You're Not Getting a Real Hit
  6. You're Getting a Burnt Flavor
  7. You're Getting No Flavor
  8. Avoid Problems with a High-Quality Vape Pen

It's a Push-Button Problem

Some vape pens are auto-draw, which means they turn on as soon as you inhale. But others use a button that you must click on before you can start vaping. It's common to have a button you have to press for a certain number of seconds before your vape pen turns on or off. Push-button pens are safe because they won't accidentally turn on when they're bouncing around in your purse or pocket, but you have to remember to hit their buttons when you want to use them.

Dead Battery - Is It Charged?

The most common reason for a vape pen not working correctly is a dead battery. Make sure to check the battery life before using your vape pen and always keep it charged.

Your vape pen won't work unless it's charged. You can check the battery level by checking the LED lights or reading the screen on your device. Many vape pens flash a red signal to show that the battery is low and a green signal to show that it's full. On other devices, you may have a screen that shows your battery level. Read your manual, or look for a copy of it online. If your device needs charging, plug it in using the charger that came with it.


Faulty Connection - It Automatically Locked

If your atomizer is connecting improperly, this will result in poor performance or no response at all from your vape pen. Check the connections for any dirt or debris that may be preventing contact between the components and make sure everything is tightened and secured properly before use. What's more, some vapes have an automatic locking feature. That means your vape device will automatically turn off when the device gets dropped or jostled. This is a safety feature, but it also means you must turn the device back on when you're ready to vape.

Your Pod Is Leaking

A leaking pod that drips e-juice into your device is messy and annoying. It can also result in a device that stops working properly. To avoid this, always be sure your cartridge fits properly in the device. Many vapes use magnets to keep the cartridge properly aligned. A secure fit prevents leaks.

If your pod cartridge fits properly but is still leaking, loosen your tank. Many people think they have to screw the vape pod tank on tightly, but this can weaken the tank's protective seal and cause leaks. When you turn the tank to screw it on, be sure it is snug but not tight.

You're Not Getting a Real Hit

Has your vape pen delivered a weak hit you can barely feel? There could be several reasons for this.

  • The wattage is too low. Most vape pens have a button that lets you set low, medium, or high heating levels. Some even let you set the wattage numerically. If you're not getting as much vapor as you'd like, try a higher heat setting.
  • You're not inhaling properly. You can't vape the same way you smoked cigarettes. When you draw on your vape, use a long, slow inhalation. Hold the vapor in your mouth for a moment, inhale it into your lungs and then let it out.
  • You need a new e-juice. Some vape juices are better than others at delivering a strong throat hit. If that's what you want, look for a juice that will do that. Sometimes, you get used to using the same juice and don't get as much satisfaction as you used to get. It may be time for a change. Try a new flavor, or try a nicotine salt.

You're Getting a Burnt Flavor

A burnt vape flavor can be very unpleasant. If you're getting one, check your pod or cartridge. If it's empty, you'll get that nasty, burnt flavor. You may also get one if you've been using the pod for a long time. All pods have a shelf life, and most of them last about a month with light use. If you're a heavy user, you may have to replace it more often. A fresh pod will fix this problem.

You're Getting No Flavor

There are several reasons your juice may suddenly seem flavorless. Here are some possibilities.

  • The juice needs to be steep. Some juices need to steep to reach their full flavor potential. To steep a juice, remove the lid and place the bottle in a cool, dark spot for one or two days.
  • You have a vapers tongue. When you use the same flavor for a long time, you can develop a condition known as vapers tongue. You can't taste the juice anymore because you've worn out your taste buds on one flavor. Drinking plenty of water when you vape can help you avoid the vapers tongue, but the fastest fix is to simply use a different flavor for a while.

Avoid Problems with a High-Quality Vape Pen

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