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Top 16 Common Vaping Problems & How To Fix Them

author-icon Suorin Team date-icon Feb 23, 2023


Vaping is a lot of fun, but it can also be kind of complicated because many things could go wrong. Whether it's a burnt or harsh tasting vape or even something as simple as not getting a good vape from your e-liquid, these are some of the most common issues experienced by vapers. But worry not, this guide addresses some of the most common vaping problems and ways to fix them so you can get back to enjoying your puff and save money in the long run!

Table of Contents

  1. Problem 1: My Vape Battery Can't Work
  2. Problem 2: I'm Not Getting Any Draw from My Vaping Device
  3. Problem 3: I Occasionally Hear Sounds Like Gurgling or Spitting When I vape
  4. Problem 4: E-Liquid is Getting into My Airflow System
  5. Problem 5: I'm Getting E-liquid Leaking from the Pod Cartridges
  6. Problem 6: My OLED Screen Won't Activate or Display Anything
  7. Problem 7: My Mod's OLED Screen Says There's No Atomizer
  8. Problem 8: My E-liquids are Turning Dark
  9. Problem 9: I Get a Dry Hit and Burnt Flavor When I Vape
  10. Problem 10: I'm Getting a Dry/Sore Throat When I Vape
  11. Problem 11: My Vape is Not Producing Sufficiently Large Clouds
  12. Problem 12: I'm not Getting Enough of a Throat Hit from My Vape
  13. Problem 13: My vape is giving me too much of a throat hit
  14. Problem 14: When I Inhale from My Vape, the Nicotine Doesn't Seem to Hit Me
  15. Problem 15: I'm Not Getting Enough Flavor from My E-liquid
  16. Problem 16: A Smoky Aftertaste in My Disposable Vape Bar

Problem 1: My Vape Battery Can't Work

1. Check if you've pressed the power button: This may seem obvious, but it's worth checking that you haven't accidentally pressed the power button and turned off your vape pen. If this is the case, press it again to turn it back on.top-16-common-vaping-problems-troubleshooting

2.Check to see whether it needs charging: If your vape battery still doesn't turn on after pressing the power button, try charging it first. Most devices will indicate when they need charging – usually with a light on the outside of the device or an indicator on your device's screen. If your device doesn't have these features but still isn't working, check that your charger is plugged in properly and isn't damaged.

3.Check for connection issues: Make sure all connections are tight fitting, clean, and free of debris or lint. Also, ensure the links are dry before putting them back together. Even just a drop or two of water can create an electrical short, which can spell disaster for your device!

Problem 2: I'm Not Getting Any Draw from My Vaping Device

1.Check battery: Make sure you have charged your vape device battery. If it's not fully charged, or if the charge is low. Then it may not be able to provide enough power to the device to give you a good draw.top-16-common-vaping-problems-troubleshooting

2.Check liquid: Look to see if the liquid is filled up to the top of the tank. This will keep it from leaking into the battery compartment and causing problems.

3.Check connections: Ensure your connections are tight and secure. Loose connections can cause issues with getting a good draw and leaking liquid to the places where it doesn't belong!

Problem 3: I Occasionally Hear Sounds Like Gurgling or Spitting When I vape

1.Flick the device: To get rid of extra vape juice from the coil, take off the mouthpiece/drip tip – if applicable. Then flick the device towards the floor – ideally outside or into some tissue.

2.Check liquid isn't overfilling: Overfilling can cause spit-back and spit-out. Make sure that your liquid isn't spilling over the sides of your pod cartridge. If it is, empty it and give it a few minutes to dry before refilling again.

3.Soak and dry pod cartridges: Try soaking your cartridge in warm water for about 10 minutes before drying it with a paper towel or cloth, then re-inserting it back into your device.

Problem 4: E-Liquid is Getting into My Airflow System

1.No direct heat: If you use a tank or atomizer with coils, ensure they aren't getting too hot, or else they will leak e-juice into the vape chamber, where it can drip out when you take a drag off of your device.

2.Check coil: If you're still having issues after checking your tank, it may be time to replace your coil or wick.

3.Mouth to lung or Direct to lung: Some vapers prefer to inhale vapor directly into their lungs (also called direct-to-lung vaping). In contrast, others prefer to inhale the vapor into their mouth first before inhaling it into their lungs (called mouth-to-lung vaping). If you're getting e-liquid leaking through the airflow when you vape, try switching between these two methods and see if one works better for you than the other. It may take some experimentation to find what's most comfortable for you! To know more about Mouth to Lung VS Direct Lung Vaping

4.Check the e-liquid you are using: It's time to double-check the e-liquid. Low-resistance coils have larger airflow holes suited for usage with higher VG (thicker) vape juice. E-liquid excessively high in PG (thinner) may escape the airway during use.

5.Increase Power: Low power settings mean that there isn't much heat being generated by your atomizer, which means less vapor production and less pressure being applied to the wick. Increasing your power setting will help keep everything under control and prevent leakage from occurring again!

6.Get to the plane with an empty tank: If you're traveling by plane with your vape, empty the tank before leaving. If you don't, the pressure change will cause some e-liquid to sneak through the airflow and out of the tip. Know more about How To Travel With a Vape 2023

Problem 5: I'm Getting E-liquid Leaking from the Pod Cartridges

1.Don't overfill the liquid: Confirm you have not overfilled the tank, causing the e-liquid to pool in the center tube. Leaving some air in the tank also generates a vacuum that prevents the leaking of vape juice.

2.Don't overtighten your devices: When screwing a new cartridge into your device, be sure not to tighten it too much. This may cause damage to the threads inside the device as well as cause issues with airflow.

3.Always leave the vape device upright: Always store or charge your vape device vertically —this will keep any excess liquid from getting into any seams and causing a mess!

4.Check seals within the pod cartridges: If you've just purchased a new pod cartridge that leaks from the seal around the mouthpiece or bottom of the cartridge, try tightening these areas before putting in fresh e-liquid or changing your device entirely.

Check your pod cartridges haven't cracked: If you notice any cracks in your cartridge, this could lead to leaking issues and poor performance overall. If you have cracks in your cartridges, we highly recommend replacing them immediately! Cartridges are consumables, in order to maintain a good experience, it is best to replace them in time

Problem 6: My OLED Screen Won't Activate or Display Anything

1. Inspect if the mod is in stealth mode: If you're having trouble turning on your OLED screen, check to see if it's been put into stealth mode. To do this, hold down the fire button for 3 seconds. The screen should turn on and display a message about stealth mode. If this doesn't work for you, try unplugging your mod, wait 30 seconds, and plug it back in again.top-16-common-vaping-problems-troubleshooting

2. Check the firmware: It might be time to update your firmware. You can find instructions for how to do this in the manual with your device or by searching online. Always refer to the manufacturer's guidelines and execute as directed.

Problem 7: My Mod's OLED Screen Says There's No Atomizer

1. Check your atomizer: The most common cause of this problem is that your atomizer has come loose from the battery connection. Make sure you screw it into place, and no wires stick out, which may be touching other components.

2. Check your 510 pins: If your tank's 510 pin is adjustable, set it to your mod's specifications.

3. Make sure whether your coil needs to replace: If your coils are old or burnt out, they won't work as well as new ones. Know how long it has been since you last replaced them and replace them if necessary. We also wrote an article to help you to know when to replace the cartridges or coils. 7 Tell-tale Signs to Tip You to Replace Vape Pod cartridges or Coils


4. Check your tank isn't over-tightened: Ensure your tank is not so tight that it pushes down on the connection pin and prevents contact. If this is the case, loosen the tank and check again.

5. Clean your terminals: If the problem persists, try cleaning the connectors with a cotton swab or paper towel dipped in rubbing alcohol.

Problem 8: My E-liquids are Turning Dark

1. Liquid Storage: It's important to keep your vape juice in a cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight or heat.

2. Make sure how long has your vape juice been there: Check the date on the bottle or box, and discard any e-liquids that have been sitting around for over six months.

3. Check the nicotine content of your e-liquid: Nicotine strength affects how quickly an e-liquid turns darker. The higher the nicotine concentration, the faster it will turn dark, and vice versa.

4. Make sure your pod cartridge is clean: It's essential to thoroughly clean the cartridge before adding fresh e-liquid, especially if it has been used previously. Dirty cartridges can cause problems like discoloration, so ensure everything is clean before trying again! How To Clean a Vape Pod or Cartridge

Problem 9: I Get a Dry Hit and Burnt Flavor When I Vape

1. Make sure if the coil needs replacing: A new coil will ensure that your vape hits are smooth and delicious.

2. Check you've primed your coil: It's essential to prime your coils before using them for the first time or after cleaning them. This ensures that there is enough e-liquid on the coil so that when you vape, there is no burning taste or unpleasant flavor.

3. Let the coil absorb the liquid: It can take several minutes for e-juice to absorb the cotton-wicking material inside a new tank or cartridge. This means if you put a new tank without waiting for it to soak into its wick, you may get an unpleasant experience with burnt flavors or dry hits until it does absorb all of the liquid inside!

4. Check that your pod cartridges contain enough e-liquid: Always check the amount of e-liquid left in your cartridge before using it. If there isn't enough, get some more! You can also check our old article on why vape devices taste burnt to know more!

Problem 10: I'm Getting a Dry/Sore Throat When I Vape

1. Take a drink of water: Vaping dehydrates your mouth. So make sure you're drinking enough water!

2. Reduce the number of puffs: If your throat is dry after vaping, try taking smaller or fewer puffs altogether.

3. Check that your pod cartridge contains enough e-liquid: If your pod feels light or empty, try topping off the cartridge with a few drops of e-liquid. You can find our e-liquids here!

Problem 11: My Vape is Not Producing Sufficiently Large Clouds

1. Your pod cartridge contains enough e-liquid: If you're not getting enough vapor, it may be time to switch to a vape juice with a higher VG concentration, as this substance is responsible for creating thick clouds.

2. Check battery: Check the voltage level of your battery with a multi-meter before using it again to ensure it's okay.

3. Make sure the coil is clean: Make sure your coil is clean before taking another hit off it!

4. Clean contacts: Don't forget to clean your contacts regularly, especially after a few hits.

Problem 12: I'm not Getting Enough of a Throat Hit from My Vape

1. Check the VG/PG ratio: If you're having trouble with the throat hit of your e-liquid, you may want to try a different brand with a greater PG/VG ratio.

2. Check the nicotine strength: If you use a lower nicotine level than what you're used to, then it could be that your body isn't getting enough nicotine stimulation to produce a sensation of a throat hit when inhaling. You may need to increase your nicotine level slightly until you find one that feels right.

3. Consider your flavor: Some flavors are stronger than others, so test them before committing! Often, menthol and citrus flavors have more of a “throat hit” than their sugary counterparts.

Problem 13: My vape is giving me too much of a throat hit

1. Check the VG/PG ratio: VG is the element that provides a smoother vape, while PG is responsible for the throat hit, so ensure that you examine the VG/PG ratio of your e-liquid. If you're experiencing this problem and are looking for something that won't give you as much hit, then consider switching to a higher VG blend.

2. Check the nicotine strength: You may want to test the nicotine content of your e-liquid. The more Freebase nicotine there is, the more of a throat hit you may expect. A possible solution is to reduce the amount of nicotine in your vape juice.

3. Consider the flavor of your e-liquid: If there is a strong flavor—like mint or cinnamon—then consider changing to something lighter, like strawberry or vanilla!

Problem 14: When I Inhale from My Vape, the Nicotine Doesn't Seem to Hit Me

1. Consider the nicotine strength: You should consider how much nicotine is in the e-liquid you use. Typical e-liquids include Freebase nicotine, which enters the bloodstream more slowly than nicotine from cigarettes. Changing to a higher nicotine concentration may be the best option for you.

2. Increase the power of your device: In some cases, increasing the power of your device can help deliver more of a nicotine hit. This will result in more vapor and a stronger throat hit—but it can also increase how much battery power is used per session.

3. Check your vaping style: Look at how you're using your e-cigarette; a slow, steady drag will give you the greatest results.

4. Check your battery: If your battery is low, you'll get less of a hit when vaping. This can be remedied easily by charging your battery or swapping it out for a new one if necessary.

5. Check your coil: Maybe it's time to replace your coil. You can buy new coils online or at most vape shops.


Problem 15: I'm Not Getting Enough Flavor from My E-liquid

1. Blow gently through the pod cartridge: This will help remove any excess liquid that could be affecting the flavor of your e-liquid.

2. Take a drink: Take a drink of water or juice to help wash out any residue on your tongue or palate that might interfere with your taste buds' ability to perceive flavor.

3. Consider how old your e-liquid is: If your e-liquid has been sitting around for a while or was stored improperly before use, it may have gone stale and lost some flavor potency. If this is the case, try switching to a different flavor.

4. Clean your tank and connections: Clean your tank and connections with rubbing alcohol to remove any residue from previous use or buildup from nicotine salts that may clog up the air holes in your device's tank system. Then rinse thoroughly with water before refilling with new e-juice!

5. Change to a different flavor: If you've been vaping the same flavor for a long time and are experiencing vapers tongue, also known as olfactory tiredness or flavor fatigue. Alternating your flavor choices regularly is often enough to get the desired effect.

Problem 16: A Smoky Aftertaste in My Disposable Vape Bar

If you feel smoky from your disposable vape, it might your device get a dry hit or burnt hit.

1. The vape juice has run out: If the vape juice has run out, the device didn't have e-liquid to vaporize, it is burnt and you will feel a smoky flavor taste.

2. Give the wick chance to resoak: If you vaporize the liquid stored within the coil without allowing it to absorb fresh liquid, you will wind up sucking on burned cotton. It's best to wait a minute between draws after taking a few puffs.

3. Adjust the placement of the vape bar: When the juice is almost gone, you may get every last drop into the coil by simply tilting or inverting the device for a few seconds. Another issue is that a wick nearing the end of its useful life may not be able to absorb as much liquid as it once did. Simply allowing your throwaway gadget to rest for a time might extend its lifespan.

4. Your disposable could be faulty: These electrical gadgets consist of several different parts. They can and will occasionally fail without fail.

Actually, for disposable vapes, if it has a great design, situations 2-4 are unlikely to happen.  When you feel smoky,  the vape juice just runs out and you need to change to a new one.


Above all, while the vaping world is rich with options and features – it's also full of potential problems. Hopefully, this guide has given you a good starting point to troubleshoot these 16 common vaping problems you may meet and improve your vaping experience.

It's not too difficult to stay on top of your vaping habits, and it only takes a little time to inspect your equipment for problems. With just a little care, it should be easy to maintain your vaping setup and keep these common issues from happening in the future.

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