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How To Clean A Vape Pod Or Cartridge

author-icon Suorin Team date-icon Jan 31, 2023


The cleaning process is a crucial step in vaping. Dirty vape pods can not only affect your vape's taste but can also cause leaks or other malfunctions that may make vaping unsafe. Luckily, cleaning them is quick and easy. Let's follow the article to know how to clean your pods.

  1. What is a Vape Pod or Cartridge?
  2. Can You Clean Vape Pods or Cartridges?
  3. Why Do I Need To Clean a Refillable Pod?
  4. How To Clean a Vape Pod?
  5. Does Cleaning Always Fix a Burnt Vape Pod?
  6. How To Clean A Burnt Coil Vape?
  7. How to Prevent Coil Gunk in Your Vape Pods
  8. How Long Do Refillable Pods Last?
  9. Where Can I Buy Suorin Replacement Pods?

What is a Vape Pod or Cartridge?

A vape pod or cartridge is part of the electronic cigarette that contains the cartridge and a mouthpiece. If you use a prefilled vape pod, you don't need to fill a tank or worry about batteries. Also, prefilled pods are usually disposable, so you can throw them out when they are used up. If you are using refillable pods, there is always the chance of filling a new e-liquid from time to time.

You can use either a Vape Pod or Cartridge with your electronic cigarette. Some people prefer disposable pods because they do not have to refill a tank and have much fewer parts to clean. Others think the refillable pods or cartridges give them the most customizable options when it comes down to vaping. And they can refill several times, which is way much-saving money. However, both types of cartridges generally have the same features. They contain liquid and produce vapor when used in electronic cigarettes.

Can You Clean Vape Pods or Cartridges?

There is no reason not to clean your vape pods or cartridges. They are easy to clean and can help improve your vaping experience.  Most cartridges are interchangeable and allow multiple flavors, like Suorin pods. They are refillable and you can add any flavors you want. But it will be better to clean them before switching flavors. Then you can ensure that the taste you have been using will not transfer over to the next flavor or mix in an unwanted way.

Why Do I Need To Clean a Refillable Pod?

1. Clean the Residue Which Will Form in Your Vape Pods

After using it, you may notice a white or black residue in your cartridge or pod. It is normal, but it will affect your vape flavor taste with the residue increased. Cleaning vape pods is very important for your vape to taste better.

A clean vape replacement pod will produce better-tasting vapor. Even if your mouthpiece is clean, the residue in the fill chamber can still affect your taste. Some people find that simple cleaning does the trick, but others like deep cleaning their pods for the best results. It is very effective to keep your electronic cigarette from getting a bad taste.

If there is a build-up of residue in your vape pod, it can not only make the flavor of your e-cig worse, but it can also cause a bad taste. Cleaning the cartridge gives you more control over what you are vaping and keeps it from getting too stale or rancid.

2. Remove Old Juice to Try New Juice Flavors

If you are trying a new flavor, you want to ensure the old flavor does not mix with the new one. If you leave the old juice in your cartridge, it can mix and produce a bad taste or cause your cartridge to malfunction. The best thing to do is clean out your pods before using a new flavor.

3. Keeps it From Leaking

Another good reason to clean your vape pods is so that they do not leak on your e-cig battery in an unintended way. If you neglect cleaning them and they get too dirty, it might cause leaks that could short-circuit your battery or make it malfunction.

4. Keep Clean and Stay Safe

When it comes down to it, vaping is a safer alternative to smoking. However, they are not entirely safe once you start using vape pods or loose-leaf e-cigs. Ensure you clean them regularly to help keep yourself safe and your e-cig in good working order.

How To Clean a Vape Pod?

Cleaning vapes is accessible, but if you have different types of e-cigs from other vendors, do not worry. This same method will work for various vape pods and refillable cartridges. Vapes are made in different shapes and sizes, so the form below will work for all of them. All you need to do is follow the steps correctly, and you will get the best result from your next vaping session.


Step 1- Separate the Vape Pod and the Pod Kit Body

First, run out or drop out the e-liquid of the vape pod or cartridge, and turn the device off. Then separate the vape pod from the pod kit battery body.  Please empty as much juice as possible.

Step 2 - Clean the Vape Pod Connection Part

These connections can get dirty, and that makes for bad vaping. Therefore, when you clean or refill the pod, you need to clean the part of the battery where it meets the pod mods too. Dip a cotton swab in alcohol.  Wipe several times to clean it. Make sure all the dirt has been taken away.


Step 3 -  Clean the Vape Pods or Cartridges

Prepare a cup and fill it halfway with boiling water. Then, take the pod and submerge the mouthpiece into the cup. Allow the vape cartridge to sit for 30 minutes or more. It gives the vape juice time to separate from the pod and allows you to see if there is any residue left behind. The hot water will help to loosen up the residue from your vape cartridge. If the hot water can't work well, you can add some vinegar for help.

Step 4 - Pour Out Debris and Rinse With Water

After waiting about thirty minutes, slowly pour out the liquid left in the cup. Then, rinse it with hot water to remove all minerals from the pod. It helps keep flavors from leaching from one cartridge to another.

Change a new hot water and leave the pod that way for about 10 seconds. The hot water will help to loosen up the residue from your vape cartridge. Then, shake it, and empty it. You can repeat several times to make sure the pod is clean enough.  If there is still some dirt on the coil or inside, you can try to use a small stick to help. But please note that don't use alcohol to clean the pod cartridge.

Step 5- Dry Out Pod

Now you want to dry out your pod well. Take a paper towel and wipe down the whole mouthpiece in a circular motion.

Step 6 - Rinse With Water & Put Vape Pod Back Together

After that, let the vape cartridge sit for an hour or more before completely drying. Then put it back together and use it like normal to finish your vaping session. You may notice that you are getting fewer draws than usual after cleaning. If that happens, you can refill your vape cartridge but never submerge the mouthpiece into boiling water or a cup.

Does Cleaning Always Fix a Burnt Vape Pod?

A burnt vape pod can occur for several reasons, including leaving your pod or cartridge in a hot car, dropping it on the ground, or letting your dog or cat chew on it for too long. You might have to clean one of your vape cartridges for many different reasons, but does cleaning always fix a burnt vape? The answer is no always. Because some of the burnt taste is because of the residue.  Some are device problems, that can't be fixed. Most of the time, cleaning will completely repair any damage to your e-cig, whether by using boiling water or just by regular rinsing. However, sometimes a vape pod may be beyond repair, and you must throw it away and start again with a new one.

How To Clean a Burnt Coil Vape?

Clean vape coils help to keep your device clear of any leftover residue from a previous session. If you clean your ring infrequently, the residue that builds up on it can wear it down over time. The best way to clean your coils is with a cotton swab and rubbing alcohol. Even if you are in a hurry, it is best to take the time to clean your vape coils instead of using vape juice or any other product to clean them, like vinegar or mineral water. These types of liquids can corrode the metal parts of your device and ruin it permanently, making it cease working altogether.

How to Prevent Coil Gunk in Your Vape Pods

Gunk can build up in you vape pod even if you take care of it regularly. The coils are there to vaporize e-juice, and once they are used, they become less efficient. The gunk will also start to collect as residue once you have been vaping for some time, and that can make your vape cartridge taste bad and have a terrible effect on the battery life.

Cleaning your vape cartridges will help prevent this from happening is pretty simple. When you clean, it simply absorbs the gunk, which helps to keep the coils running smoother and more efficiently longer than before.

How Long Do Refillable Pods Last?

Most refillable pods last much longer than their disposable counterparts. The average lifespan of a vape cartridge is about 1 - 2 weeks or even slightly longer if you are using high-quality juice and vape pod brands. When it comes to the average lifespan of a refillable pod, that will depend on how often you are using it and what kind of e-juice you are putting in it. If you use an e-juice high in VG, your pod will last much longer than an e-juice with a higher PG content like Propylene Glycol (PG).

Where Can I Buy Suorin Replacement Pods?

Suorin replacement pods are available on a number of different websites. But our Suorin pods are not universal type. Make sure you make sure that your pods are compatible with your e-cig before purchasing them.

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