WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Suorin Air Pro Review: Larger Pod Better Vaping Experience

author-icon Suorin Team date-icon Mar 22, 2023

Suorin is one of the most popular vape manufacturers in the world. Suorin gained this notoriety by making a breakthrough with the Suorin air pods. The Air Pro comes with a cartridge that can hold a maximum of 4.9ml. This is an upgrade from most pod devices which can only hold 2ml. In this Suorin air pro review, we give you all the relevant details that you will need to figure out whether this is the best vape for you. In our research, you can find that the Suorin air pro pod is best suited for any vapers looking for:

  • A tight mouth-to-lungs vaping experience
  • Long battery life
  • Large capacity in the pod
  • The ability to make use of nicotine salt juices or freebase

Let’s check and know it!

Content Guide

Coming Package Kit:

  • Suorin Air Pro Pod body * 1
  • Suorin Air Pro Cartridge *1
  • Micro USB * 1
  • User Manual *1

Suorin Air Pro Design and Appearance

The Suorin Air Pro closely resembles the Suorin Air Plus design. It comes in the original card shape build and stands 96mm tall, 45mm wide, and has a thickness of just 12.7mm. The vape weighs just enough to where it does not feel cheap. But maintains a relatively light profile to allow you to carry it easily as you go about your day. In addition, the shape of this vape is ideal for being carried in pockets.

The Air Pro is manufactured from zinc alloy, giving it a solid feel. On the front of the Air Pro, you can spot the Suorin brand name and the logo, printed out just near the bottom. On the back surface, close to the bottom right, the Suorin brand name and the name of the particular device, 'Air Pro', is printed.

The on/off button is located towards the top of the side opposite the recess feature of the Suorin pod device. The on/off button slightly elevates along the exterior side casing. On the right side of the vape, near the top, for easy accessibility. The button is a smaller size but is still adequate for turning it on and off. If you have problems drawing using the power button, you can use the draw activation button instead. And another side is the Micro USB port for charging.

The vape features two airflow ports on each side. This ingenious design feature allows the vape to dissipate excess heat and speed up the airflow. You will find a single airflow port next to the micro USB port. The other is above the power button. The device comes in a mirror finish.

Suorin Air Pro Colors

You have 17 color schemes to choose from Lively Green, Ice Blue, Black, Star-Spangled Blue, Faded Skeleton, Rainbow, Gunmetal, Sunglow Gold, Star-Spangled Red, Silver, Lavender Purple, and so on.

Suorin Air Pro Pod Cartridge

The Suorin Air pro cartridge is easy to use and allows you to try any vape juice flavor that you desire. This is the largest pod cartridge of the Suorin vape pod, also one of the largest pods of most vape pod kits. The reason for this massive size is for the pod to accommodate the larger e-liquid capacity. To achieve this, the pod spans the entire width of the body. Its build does not take away from the aesthetics of the vape but compliments it.


The pod cartridge on the Air Pro features a bottom fill design that allows it to hold 4.9ml and also comes with an incorporated 1.0-ohm mesh coil. The coil is not replaceable,  you need to replace the entire pod. This is more convenient for vape starters to use it. And the pod can be refilled up to six times. Also, you can try to test how many times can refill based on your e-liquid and using habit. Here are 7 Tell-tale Signs to Tip You to Replace Vape Pod cartridges or Coils.


The pod cartridge uses clear, transparent black PCTG material, allowing you to easily spot the level of e-liquid left in the cartridge during use. An interesting point to note is that the coil is situated off-center (right towards) in the pod. And there is a total of three vertical dividers in the casing that serves to guide e-liquid into the individual sections.

The underside of the pod cartridge features two gold-plated coil contacts with a tiny airflow ingress port. The pod cartridge does not feature any magnets, and the base is surrounded by metal alloy.

You can access the 6mm oval filling port through a black silicone rubber stopper with a raised rubber flap that gives you an excellent way to grip onto it to open the stopper. The lower half of the pod is shaped to go with the contour of the device’s body. In the position where the recess is inlaid with the pod body, you will find the “4.9ml” capacity and the “Min” e-liquid level. And there is a brand name “Suorin”,  the letters “CE”, and the warnings sign“Do Not Dispose of” are branded on it! And below is a metal seal with a QS number!

The sealed bottom of the pod is the oil fill port with a sealed leak-proof silicone plug. It can effectively prevent oil leakage.

The pod cartridge is secured by the magnets and the designed push fit allows the pod to fit snugly with the Air Pro recess. The pod cartridge on this device is very sturdy, and we have found that it is pretty tricky for leaks or condensation to develop on the base of the cartridge or around its contact pins. When you install the pod cartridge to the pod body, the device will vibrate 1 time slightly, like your phone gets a message! And the indicator light on the fire button will flash to show you the battery capacity level left.

How to fill the Suorin Air Pro Pod cartridge?

To use the pod cartridge, open its silicone plug and pinch the walls of the cartridge with your fingers to create room for filling in the vape juice. You should fill the e-liquid over the mini e-liquid line at least to avoid dry burnt. After filling the e-liquid, please close the plug tightly and wait about 5 to 8 minutes after adding the vape juice into the cartridge so that the cotton can become fully saturated for maximum use. Then you can install it to the air pro pod body!

Battery, LED Indicator Light, and Charging

Suorin Air Pro Battery

The vape comes equipped with a 930mAh battery built into the device. Unsurprisingly, pod vapes feature larger batteries, considering the volume of e-liquid they contain. The battery on this pod will serve you for a long time. The LED power button also serves to show you the charge level left on the battery.

Suorin Air Pro LED indicator light

Suorin air pro pods have an LED light feature on their power button. The LED light feature indicates the battery charge level of the device so that you can know when the device is running low on battery and needs charging. When you charge the Suorin device or take a draw from it, you will notice the LED feature lighting up. Here are the LED colors that you will see on your Suorin air pro as well as their meaning:

  • Green – shows the battery status of the device is between 41% and 100%
  • Blue- shows the battery status is between 10% and 40%
  • Red – shows the battery status of the Suorin device is between 0% and 9%

If you use button activation to turn on/off the device, the indicator LED light will blink green when you press 5 times continuously to turn it on. And the LED light will blink red when you press 5 times to turn it off.

How to Charge Suorin Air Pro?

The vape pod does not feature a type C charging option. Instead, the device uses a micro-USB option to charge or you can charge it with a pogo charging dock for it supposes pogo charging option design. You can expect the Air Pro to charge fully within 50 minutes. With this charge time, you can use the vape pod for about eight hours. But this timeline before you drain the battery will depend on your vaping style. For example, how you draw and how frequently.

The LED color codes are pretty accurate, and once the LED indicates red, you have about half an hour of vape time remaining before you need to use the Suorin air pro pogo charger or USB to charge it. If you didn’t charge it in time, the battery will cut out and begin flashing three times. Once the LED flashes thrice, you can no longer vape, and you will need to recharge the device using the Suorin air pro charger.

Performance and Pricing

As with most MTL vape pods, it is better to use an e-liquid with a PG/VG ratio of about 50/50 because of the smaller wicking ports and lesser power levels. Although this Suorin device is small in shape and size, it is mighty in performance. The Suorin Air pro pod gives you an incredible throat hit once you take a smooth long draw.

The 1.0-ohm air pod does not have such problems. Whether using the more potent Nic salts or even freebase nicotine, you can be sure that the pod will perform well in terms of throat hit and flavor with the exemplary vapor production. The flavor came through quite nicely during testing, even during the initial draw.

You have no reason to worry about the absence of variable airflow, as this does not affect the performance of the vape pod. The two airflow pinholes provide just the right level of restriction to give you an optimal draw.

The auto draw feature is very handy, and it works every time. Even the weakest of draws will activate the Air Pro. You also have the option to use the fire button as you draw. As we stated earlier, the coil is offset from the center of the pod.

Therefore, I thought I would have to place my lips over a corner of the pod to get a good draw. But this was disproven quickly as you can get a good draw even when you loosely place your mouth in the middle of the mouthpiece.

Suorin Air Pro VS Suorin Air VS Suorin Air Plus VS Suorin Air Mini Specifications

Suorin Air ProSuorin AirSuorin Air PlusSuorin Air Mini
Atomizer Capacity4.9ml2ml3.5ml2ml
Coil Resistance1.0Ω Mesh Coil1.2Ω0.7/1.0Ω1.0Ω Mesh Coil
Max Output18W16W22W14W
MaterialZinc Alloy+ PCTGMetal+PCAluminumZinc Alloy+ PCTG
Charging InterfaceMicro USB/Pogo ChargingMicro USBType-CType-C
Battery Capacity930mAh500mAh930mAh430mAh

How to use the Suorin Air Pro?

The Suorin Air pro device is easy to use thanks to its small smooth compact nature, which makes it comfortable to hold in your hand for long periods. To use this vape pod kit, you can follow the steps below:

1. Check all the packages to make sure all the accessories are ready and read the Suorin Air Pro Use manual before you use it

2. Connect the device to a charging port using its Micro-USB cable to charge up the battery. When the indicator LED light stays green, it is the full battery.

3. Take out the empty pod from the cartridge package and take away the packaging film

4. Fill in your favorite e-liquid. Unplug the silicone plug of the pod and place a syringe or the nozzle of the juice bottle at the fill hole. Squeeze the syringe or juice bottle until the pod is full or at least over the mini level.

5. Let the pod sit for around 5-10 minutes for the coil to absorb the liquid cotton fully

6. Attach the pod cartridge to the vape.

7. Click the power button five times to turn it on or use its auto-draw mode to start it.

8. Enjoy your vaping journey!

How to Turn on Suorin Air Pro?

Turning on the air pro pod device is simple. Suorin Air pro has 2 modes to turn it on. One is the auto-draw mode, draw to start it, it is very sensitive and works every time! One is the button draw mode. Just press its power switch exactly 5 times in order to turn on the device and begin vaping.

Perhaps you are wondering why you must press the power switch 5 times. Since the air pro pod is portable and spends most time in your pocket when you are not using it. It would be very simple to turn it on if you accidentally pressed your pocket and pressed the power button. This would cause the air pro pod to remain on and waste its battery without your knowledge. Therefore, the Suorin team designed the power button needs to be pressed 5 times to turn it on in order to save the battery life. If you want to turn off the vape device, press the power switch 5 times as well.

Suorin air pro pod cartridges normally last for at least 2 weeks depending on the frequency of your vaping as well as the flavor. It can refill 6 times in general, nearly 30ml e-liquid in total. Luckily, there are ways to ensure that your Suorin air pro pod cartridge lasts for two weeks or more.  For example, if you want to extend the life of your Suorin air pro pod, you can regularly clean the pod.

If you don’t clean the pod regularly, the vape juice residue will likely build up on the wick as well as the coils over time. This will affect the flavor and interfere with the production of vapor. Also, storing your Suorin pod properly in a cool dry place will help to extend its life. Make certain that you do not leave the pod exposed to direct sunlight or within a car with high temperatures.

Your Suorin air pod can also last longer if you clean its parts frequently with a damp cloth after use. Ensure that you also disassemble the Suorin device and clean it thoroughly with alcohol.

Does Suorin Air Pro Leak?

Suorin did great on the liquid leakage proof. In general, you needn’t worry about the leaking problem. But to be honest, every vape device will leak under certain circumstances, even Suorin Air Pro. For example, there’s liquid in the chimney, you’re chain vaping, and so on. You can check our article to know more about Why Is the Vape Leaking?

Suorin Air Pro Using Experience

From the above Suorin air pro review, it is clear that Suorin is one of the best vaping devices in the market today. The air pro pod has a lot to offer in terms of ease of use and comfort. Its smooth small design allows the Suorin device to fit perfectly in your palm and pocket, making it easy for you to vape wherever you are.

The vape device is easy to turn on and off, and the Suorin air pro cartridge is refillable. It allows you to add more vape juice whenever it runs low. Additionally, the air pro pod has a high battery capacity that can last for 2 whole days if used properly, thereby increasing the efficiency of the device.

Final Verdict

This device does not disappoint as far as performance goes! You will enjoy the larger pod capacity and great flavor options, which can be fully experienced with this device. This makes the device a solid choice for all types of vape users.

If you want to quit smoking cigarettes and try out vaping or simply enjoy vaping for fun. Then this Suorin air pro review may lead you toward your best vaping option. Suorin air pro pods are classic card-like vaping devices that allow you to try out your favorite e-liquid flavor in style.

If you are tired of the noxious odor that cigarettes leave in your mouth as well as your house after smoking, then vaping is a much better option. Also, vaping allows you to keep your nicotine intake in check as you work towards eliminating nicotine from your intake.

If I have to choose between the Suorin air pro vs Suorin air, I will gladly choose the Suorin air pro pod device. Suorin air pro pods are great in performance, and I would recommend them to anyone struggling to quit smoking cigarettes. By the way, we are also celebrating the Sale of 5,000,000 Suorin Air Pro recently, you can join us to win Up to $10000 Prize! Suorin Air Pro Celebration!