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Suorin Air Plus Review: Support Sub-ohm Coil Vape Pod Kit

author-icon Suorin Team date-icon Mar 20, 2023

If you are looking for a great vaping device to try out, then this article will really come in handy.  Suorin is a business that was formed to make vaping simple and affordable so that vapers of all levels of experience may enjoy it. We have carried out Suorin air plus review to find as many details as possible about this vape product. The Suorin Air Plus device is a great addition to the Suorin brand Air series pod kit.  It is also small and slim. But comes with 2 Suorin Air Plus pods, a 1.0 ohm one and a 0.7 ohm one, which is more efficient, and better in performance compared to its predecessors Suorin Air. In our research, you can find that the Suorin Air Plus Pod kit is the best all-in-one pod kit for vapers looking for:

· A compact and tight mouth-to-lung vaping experience

· Long battery life

· Larger vapor experience

· The ability to make use of nicotine salt juices or freebase

· Easy to use

Here is everything about Suorin Air Plus that you need to know. Let’s explore this ultra-portable vape in greater detail.

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Suorin Air Plus Design and Appearance

Suorin Air Plus Pods

Indicator LED Light & Why they blink?

Suorin Air Plus Battery and Charging

Suorin Air Plus Performance and Price

How long does the Suorin Air Plus pod last?

How to Use Suorin Air Plus?

How to Turn on Suorin Air Plus?

Does Suorin Air Plus Leak? And Why?

Coming Package Kit:

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Suorin Air Plus Design and Appearance

Suorin Air Plus maintains the Suorin distinctive thin design. An all-in-one portable vaporizer is the Suorin Air Plus. The Suorin Air Plus pods are incredibly slim and portable, which makes it easy to hold them in your hand. This Suorin air plus pod system is 10 mm thick, 93.2 mm tall, and 50 mm wide. It is small and compact similar to a credit card.

When you order the Suorin Air Plus, it comes in a neat high-quality package that consists of the battery pod body, the Suorin air plus replacement pod, and a replaceable cartridge. The Air Plus is a fantastic “covert vaping” gadget due to its compact design and card-like shape. It may easily fit into any pocket because it is thin and compact. And if I didn’t already know what it was, I may mistake it for a regular-sized USB device.

This ultra-thin vaping device is made of aluminum and plastic inserts.  Its small mouthpiece is on the right corner of the refillable air plus pod cartridge. The aluminum surface has been designed in several colors, like Red, Black, Silver, Gunmetal, Gold, Teal Blue, Gradient, Mulberry, Diamond Blue, and Prism Blue! And the insert’s plastic color is similar to the piano’s black and makes it a sense of luxury! The battery LED indicators of the Suorin Air Plus vape device are located on tinted plastic, which helps you to know the device battery capacity left status! But you can’t find any lights when they don’t flash!

On the front of the Air Plus, close to the bottom right, the Suorin brand name and the name of the particular device, ‘Air Plus,’ is printed. On the back surface, you can spot the Suorin brand name and the logo, printed out just near the bottom. The pod appears clean at a glance, which is a positive sign of the quality of the pod. Suorin Air Plus pods are super thin at the bottom where the charging port is located. The pod itself can hold 3.5 ml of vape juice and is designed in a way that allows you to see the level of the juice clearly. At the bottom of the device, there is a type-C port for charging. Near the type-C port, at the edge of the device bottom, there is a little hole, it is the airflow of the air plus. Suorin Air Plus can’t support airflow adjustment. You needn’t control what you get in your draw to get a great vaping experience.

Suorin Air Plus Pods

The performance of the pod is significant because it affects the overall quality and performance of the vape device. Suorin Air Plus can give out a pleasant flavor and intense clouds due to its two types of coil cartridges. Here is a comparison of the two cartridges.

1.0 ohm Cartridge

Let’s start by introducing the 1.0-ohm cartridge. The pod cartridge on the Air Plus features a bottom fill design that allows it to hold 3.5ml with an incorporated 1.0-ohm coil. The coil is not replaceable,  you need to replace the entire pod. This is more convenient for vape starters to use it. And the pod can be refilled up to 5-8 times. Also, you can try to test how many times can refill based on your e-liquid and using habit. The pod cartridge uses clear, transparent black PCTG material, allowing you to easily spot the level of e-liquid left in the cartridge during use. The underside of the pod cartridge features two gold-plated coil contacts. The pod cartridge feature 2 magnets. You can access the 6mm oval filling port through a red silicone rubber stopper with a raised rubber flap that gives you an excellent way to grip onto it to open the stopper. The sealed bottom of the pod is the oil fill port with a red sealed leak-proof silicone plug. It can effectively prevent oil leakage. The lower half of the pod is shaped to go with the contour of the device’s body. In the position where the recess is inlaid with the pod body, you will find the there is “Suorin” logo on the front. And  “1.0Ω”, power output “11W-16W,  “3.5ml cartridge” the letters “CE”, and the warnings sign“Do Not Dispose of” on its back.

The pod cartridge is secured by the magnets and the designed push fit allows the pod to fit snugly with the Air Plus recess. The pod cartridge on this device is very sturdy, and we have found that it is pretty tricky for leaks or condensation to develop on the base of the cartridge or around its contact pins. When you install the pod cartridge to the pod body, they will fit closely.

0.7 ohm Cartridge

The 0.7-ohm cartridge is a similar design to the 1.0-ohm cartridge. Just a little different in the details. On the back of the cartridge,  “0.7Ω”, power output “16W-22W,  “3.5ml cartridge” the letters “CE”, and the warnings sign“Do Not Dispose of” on its back.

The sealed bottom of the pod is the oil fill port with a back-sealed leak-proof silicone plug.

1.0 ohm Cartridge or 0.7 ohm Cartridge?

Above the introduction, we can clearly know the differences between the 1.0 ohm Cartridge and the 0.7 ohm Cartridge are coil resistance and the power output!

1.0-ohm pod cartridge0.7-ohm pod cartridge
Atomizer Capacity3.5 ml3.5 ml
Coil Resistance1.0Ω0.7Ω
Max Output11-16W16-22W

For better results and an unforgettable experience, we recommend using the 1.0-ohm cartridge with nicotine salt e-juices. The coil of the 1-ohm cartridge releases high-quality flavor because of its designs, which leads to efficient vapor production. The 0.7-ohm cartridge can produce larger vapor compared to the 1.0-ohm cartridge. It will be better to deal with normal freebase nicotine e-juices for excellent performance. Specifically, the 0.7-ohm cartridge uses the 70/30 VG/PG liquid ratio to ensure adequate vapor production for a strong hit.

Indicator LED Light & Why they blink?

As we mentioned earlier, the Suorin air plus pods have a hidden LED indicator on the side beneath the tinted plastic. The LED light lights up when you charge the vaping device. Also, when you draw from the vaping device, the LED light will light up. The Suorin Air Plus device uses a specific number of LED lights to display information about the battery status. The following is displayed for the battery levels:

· 5 LED lights: the battery is between 80% – 100%

· 4 LED lights: the battery is between 60% – 80%

· 3 LED lights: the battery is between 40% – 60%

· 2 LED lights: the battery is between 20% – 40%

· 1 LED light: the battery is at 20% or less

When the Suorin Air Plus is about to turn off due to low battery power, the final LED light will flicker about 3 times before it stops firing. And you need to charge it as soon as possible.

What’s more, the indicator lights will feedback on the problems of the vape device:

· When the indicator lights flicker 5 times, the air plus vape pod might accrue short-circuit the cartridge might be burnt please change the cartridge.

· If the indicator light flickers 8 times, there will be 2 situations. A. The cartridge doesn’t connect to the pod properly, please reinstall it! B. The cartridge might be burnt, if yes, please change the cartridge.

· If the indicator light flickers 10 times and when the hitting is more than 5 seconds, the protection circuit will shut down the power to prevent overheating in the battery and the cartridge.

Suorin Air Plus Battery and Charging

You may have noted that most of the pod vapes have poor battery life. Even some of the most popular pod vapes barely have their battery lasting half a day. Nevertheless, Suorin Air Plus does much better concerning battery life. Same with Suorin Air Pro, the Suorin Air Plus also has a massive 930mAh battery! Its chip has a way of conserving battery life. Therefore, with an internal battery of 930mAh, you can enjoy uninterrupted vaping for 2-3 days!

From our testing result, it can. That is enough to make it among the top pod vapes in terms of battery performance. Most multi-pod vape users acknowledge that Suorin Air Plus is top in the category of overall battery performance. Suorin Air Plus pod kit is charged via USB-C at the device body bottom, which recharges devices more quickly than micro-USB. It takes about 45 minutes to fully charge it. You can check the indicator light numbers to know the battery capacity status. The battery life is decent because you may receive approximately three full refills before you need to recharge. And it is equipped with an overcharge protection security system!

Suorin Air Plus Performance and Price

Suorin has always added something to its newer series of pod vapes. Air Plus, being the upgraded Suorin Air, has gone a long way in addressing any issues from the original pod vapes. For instance, the previous pod vapes may have some issues with the battery and inconsistent performance, Larger pod cartridge capacity, 2 coil resistances pod cartridge choice, and so on! All these have been fixed in the unveiled Suorin Air Plus.

Consequently, Suorin Air Plus performs much better all around. You can get the best flavor besides the device’s brilliant Suorin Air plus colors. Another area the Suorin Air Plus scores highly are in its dual coil heads. Whether it is the 0.7ohm or 1.0ohm coil head that is your preference, you will get both in Suorin Air Plus. The performance of each Suorin Air plus cartridge is exceptional regarding flavor and vapor production.

With either pod, the draw is effortless and incredibly silent. Additionally, there is no discernible crackling or spitting. Production of vapor is far superior to expectations. If you like that, the 0.7-ohm pod can produce some reasonably substantial Suorin air plus colors and clouds. The 1.0ohm pod and the 0.7ohm pod are incredibly comparable. It is equally tasty and silky. I used this pod until it was beyond repair because I also really liked vaping on it. A bit less vapor was produced than the 0.7ohm pod, but it was still respectable. Suorin Air Plus requires relatively little maintenance.

Depending on how frequently it is used, replacing the disposable pod will be necessary every week. Always keep the metal pins on the bottom of the atomizer and the top of the battery clean. Use a q-tip and isopropyl alcohol to clean these surfaces. Before utilizing the unit once more, completely dry those spots. The thing doesn’t leak, which is a final but crucial point. The pods’ fill plug is very tightly sealed and prevents the leakage of any e-liquid. The pods didn’t spill a drop of e-juice even near expiry. The great performance of Suorin Air Plus on almost all fronts makes it an irresistible device for regular usage.

Generally, Suorin Air Plus beats the most well-known pod vapes. The ergonomics and convenience of slipping into your pockets and your hand next to your phone or sub-ohm vape are first. Both the way the mouthpiece feels and how the device looks are incredibly distinctive and pleasant. With Suorin Air Plus, you have a great all-around performing device for regular vaping. The strengths of Suorin Air Plus include good performance, coil head longevity, and excellent battery life.

Advantages of Suorin Air Plus

· Attractive, sleek, and ergonomic

· Charges fast (in less than one hour) but last longer

· Presence of two coils for the two types of e-juice

· It does not leak

· USB Type C charging

Suorin Air Plus is an almost perfect pod vape compared to the most popular pod vapes. It is worth buying and discovering the hidden gem of Suorin Air Plus. The pod vape is offered at the best price of $24.99.

How long does the Suorin Air Plus pod last?

Suorin Air Pods are fully electronic vaping device that resembles an electronic cigarette. It is refillable, and it can be refilled 5-8 times, it is equal to about 21.0ml – 30.0 ml e-liquid. As long as you don’t burn the wick, these gadgets can endure for at least a week or two.

What’s more, cleaning the pod regularly and removing any residue that may build up around the coils and wick may help to prolong the Suorin Air Plus pod’s life.

How to Use Suorin Air Plus?

The gadget’s ease of use makes it ideal for both experienced and novice vapers. To use this vape pod kit, you can follow the steps below:

1. Check all the packages to make sure all the accessories are ready and read the Suorin Air Plus Use manual before you use it

2. Connect the device to a charging port using its Type-C cable to charge the battery. Following the battery indicator light guide, when 5 indicator LED lights light up constantly, it is fully charged.

3. Take out the empty pod from the device and take away the “Remove” Contact

4. Fill in your favorite e-liquid. Unplug the silicone plug of the pod and place a syringe or the nozzle of the juice bottle at the fill hole. Squeeze the syringe or juice bottle until the pod is full.

5. Let the pod stand for around 10 minutes to ensure the cotton is fully wet with juice when using a new atomizer.

6. Attach the pod cartridge to the vape.

7. Breathe in via the mouthpiece at the upper corner to activate it

8. Enjoy your vaping journey!

The typical delay in pull-activated pod vapes is present here, but the device is incredibly responsive. As soon as you take a hit, it will start to emit vapor.

How to Turn on Suorin Air Plus?

Turning on the Suorin Air Plus pod is very easy. Unlike other versions such as Suorin Air or Suorin Air Pro, the Suorin Air Plus does not have an ON/OFF switch. Instead, the Suorin Air Plus is activated whenever you take a draw, which means that the device will be ready to use immediately after you insert the pod.

Does Suorin Air Plus Leak? And Why?

It’s crucial to remember that Suorin air plus capsules seldom leak. The pods’ fill plug is tightly sealed and prevents e-liquid leakage. But to be honest, every vape device will leak under certain circumstances, even Suorin Air Plus. For example, there’s liquid in the chimney, you’re chain vaping, and so on. You can check our article to know more about Why Is the Vape Leaking?

Final Verdict

There aren’t many drawbacks to this device. Battery life is even more significant than the flavor and clouds, which are excellent. If you want to purchase this equipment, however, it will depend on the draw. It’s an airy MTL and not all that tight. The design is also something to adore. The card’s thin profile and design are quite alluring. It’s ideal for situations where you don’t want to bring large, cumbersome equipment. Unquestionably, the Air Plus is among the best pod vapes currently available.

Some of the reasons you should buy Suorin Air Plus include the following:

· Impressive battery and high-capacity pods

· Ability to work with both MTL and DTL coils

· Easy to use with the production of immense flavor

· It retails at a reasonable price yet has a premium appearance

The Suorin Air Plus keeps the recognizable appearance of the original while adding various upgrades, such as longer battery life and more e-liquid capacity. This gadget should be able to endure many harmful circumstances, even if we don’t advise dropping your smartphone to test its durability. This covers bringing it with you wherever you go in a backpack with your keys or putting it in your pocket to use while you’re out and about. The Air Plus is highly regarded in all areas, including vapor production, juice consumption, battery life, and breathtaking good aesthetics.