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Glossary of Vaping Terms

author-icon Suorin Team date-icon May 26, 2023

Getting used to the world of vaping can be challenging. Whether you've been a smoker for years or this is the first time you've inhaled anything other than air into your lungs, it's important to get on board with all the slang, lingo, and technical terminology surrounding vaporizers and vaping in general. Check out the 28 most important vaping terms you need to know:

1. Analog

People who vape refer to smoking as "analog." Since vaping is digital, burning plant matter and inhaling it is as old-school as wind-up watches.

2. Atomizer

The atomizer is part of a vape pen that contains the coil and wick, and these parts heat up to vaporize vape juice.

3. Battery

Every vape pen has a battery. These batteries vary in terms of the volts they put out and their capacity.

4. Cartomizer

A cartomizer is a special type of vape cartridge that contains an atomizer. You can dispose of a cartomizer after it's empty and install a new one that contains a fresh atomizer.

5. Cartridge

The cartridge of a vape pen is the component that holds the vape juice. Cartridges vary in capacity.

6. Cigalike

A cigalike is a type of vape pen that's designed to look like a cigarette. This term can refer to any type of thin vape pen, but it's usually used to refer to a vape pen that has a tan section that looks like a filter and a white section that looks like a rolled cigarette.

7. Cloud Chasing

Cloud chasing is the art of producing massive clouds of vapor using high-output devices and specialized techniques. This involves prolonged inhalation, lung expansion exercises, and a high VG e-liquid. Cloud chasing is more about producing clouds than flavor or throat hit, making it more of a competitive activity rather than a means of nicotine delivery.

8. Coil

The coil is part of a vape pen's atomizer that vaporizes vape juice.

9. Drip tip

The mouthpiece of an e-cigarette that the user inhales vapor through. Drip tips can be made from a wide range of materials including plastic, glass, metal, and ceramic.

10. Dry Hit

A dry hit is when you take a hit from your vape pen when it doesn't contain any vape juice.

11. Direct-to-lung (DTL)

A vaping style where the user inhales the vapor directly into their lungs without first holding it in their mouth.

12. E-liquid

E-liquid is another term for vape juice. This liquid, which sometimes contains nicotine, is also called E-juice. We’ve covered vape juice in-depth here.

13. GRAS

GRAS is an acronym for "generally regarded as safe," which is a term that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) uses to refer to ingredients and technologies which are generally regarded as safe for consumer use.

14. HV

HV stands for "high voltage" and a vape pen is considered to be HV if it delivers more than the conventional 3.7 volts. High-voltage vape pens must be paired with high-capacity batteries to avoid battery failure.

15. Lung Hit

A lung hit is a hit of vapor hit that you take directly into your lungs without holding it in your mouth first.

16. Mod

A mod is a modifiable vape pen. These types of vape pens generally have larger cartridges, more powerful atomizers, and longer-lasting batteries. They are also generally larger than other types of vape pens.

17. Mouth Hit

A mouth hit is a hit of vapor you hold in your mouth before you inhale. You can also blow out a mouth hit without inhaling it.

18. MTL

MTL stands for "mouth-to-lung," and it's a synonym for "mouth hit."

19. Nicotine Salt

Nicotine salt is a form of nicotine that is more stable and less harsh than freebase nicotine. It's usually found in higher concentrations in e-liquids designed for pod systems and mouth-to-lung vaping. Nicotine salt provides for a smoother and faster-acting nicotine hit and is often preferred by ex-smokers new to vaping.

20. Ohm

An ohm is a unit of electrical resistance and vape pens with lower ohm ratings hit harder than pens with higher ohm ratings.

21. Sub-Ohming

This term refers to vaping with a coil that has a resistance of less than one ohm. As a result, more power can flow through the coil resulting in larger clouds and more flavor.

22. Pod system

A type of vaping device that uses pre-filled pods instead of traditional tanks or atomizers.

23. PG/VG Ratio

Almost all vape juice is made from a mixture of vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG). VG produces thick vapor while PG produces a stronger throat hit. Every type of vape juice contains a certain ratio of PG to VG, and the concentration of each substance in a vape juice cartridge affects the way the resulting vapor feels when it is inhaled.

24. RDA

While most types of atomizers contain or connect to glass cartridges, rebuildable dripping atomizers (RDAs) are types of atomizers that contain openings that you can squeeze vape juice into without a cartridge.

25. RTA

A rebuildable tank atomizer (RTA) is a type of modifiable atomizer that contains a traditional glass tank for vape liquid.

26. Tank

Also known as a cartridge, the tank of a vape pen is the component that contains vape liquid. We sell replacement cartridges for the range of Suorin vape devices.

27. Throat Hit

The throat hit is a term used by vapers to refer to the way a hit of vapor feels as they inhale it down their throats. People who are used to smoking cigarettes might prefer smoother, gentler throat hits, but expert vapers prefer harsh, intense throat hits.

28. Vape Pen

A vape pen is any type of portable vaporizer that allows you to vaporize vape juice. While traditional vaporizers need to be plugged into an alternating current (AC) power source, vape pens run off direct current (DC) power, and they have batteries of varying sizes. Some vape pens, called mods, are modifiable, but others cannot be customized, and some vape pens are fully disposable.


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