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How To Vape Without Coughing

author-icon Suorin Team date-icon Feb 9, 2023


You switched from smoking to vaping. That's great news. However, you're finding that you have a nagging cough. Is vaping causing your cough? What's going on? Yes, vaping can cause coughing. But how to vape without coughing? Here's why it happens and what you can do to enjoy vaping without irritating your throat.

Table of Contents

  1. Why Do I Cough When I Vape?
  2. Is Coughing a Common Side Effect of Vaping?
  3. How To Avoid Coughing when Vaping?
  4. Treatments for Vaping Cough?
  5. Enjoy vaping without irritation.

Why Do I Cough When I Vape?

There are several reasons that can cause your cough when you are vaping, please check and know your cough reason.

1. You're vaping the wrong way.

The right technique is key to enjoyable vaping. If you want to enjoy vaping, learn to inhale slowly and shallowly. Don't pull on the device the way you pull on a cigarette.

2. Vape devices don't have anesthetics.

Analog cigarettes have thousands of ingredients. Among them are anesthetics that keep you from feeling the burning sensation of inhaling smoke. If you step too close to a bonfire or a fireplace, you will cough when you inhale smoke from burning leaves, wood, or other substances. Since vape juices don't have anesthetics, you get a purer flavor that may seem harsh at first.

3. Your cilia have grown back.

As you may know, smoking destroys the cilia in your lungs. Cilia are delicate tissues that remove impurities, mucus, and other substances from your lungs. Loss of cilia is one of the keystone side effects of smoking. After you quit smoking, your cilia regrow. An increased cough is the result of the cilia doing their job. As they move mucus out of your lungs, your body coughs to get rid of it. In this case, coughing is a sign that your lungs are healing.

4. Vaping can be dehydrating.

Most experienced vapers know they need to drink extra water while they're vaping. Sodas and juices are high in sugar and don't hydrate your body. Alcohol increases dehydration. Stick to plain water for the best results.

Is Coughing a Common Side Effect of Vaping?

Many people cough the first time they vape. That's usually because they're former smokers who vape the way they used to smoke. Studies have found that half of all vapers report coughing when they start. Fortunately, most of them no longer cough when they do.

Vaping isn't like smoking. Most vapers learn to use long, slow inhalations instead of quick, hard puffs. This creates a smooth, pleasant vapor.

How To Vape Without Coughing?

The first experience with vaping can either make or break the vaping experience. Coughing can make vaping unpleasant, especially for individuals who wish to use vaping as a way of correcting smoking. The following are steps that can be followed to vape without coughing.

1. Improve your vaping technique, Slow down

The first step to vape without coughing is improving the vaping technique and slowing it down. Vaping isn't like smoking. You must use long, slow inhalations instead of quick, hard puffs. This creates a smooth, pleasant vapor.

Inhaling a vape is extremely important because it can make or break the vaping experience. Two techniques can be used, including mouth-to-lungs and direct lung inhalation. Mouth-to-lung inhaling is preferred for small devices with high-resistance coils and high nicotine levels. In mouth to lung inhaling;

  • Draw vapor into the mouth slowly
  • Hold vapor in the closed mouth for two seconds
  • Open the mouth and breath the vapor into the lungs (different from swallowing).
  • Exhale

Direct lung inhaling can also be performed by inhaling vape vapor. A direct lung can be used for vapor fluids with less nicotine and is mainly preferred for larger vapes with less resistance. In direct lung vaping;

  • Draw vapor directly to the lungs quickly
  • Exhale vapor in a second or immediately


2. Instead Direct to lung vaping of Month To Lung vaping

Direct lung vaping includes taking more significant amounts of vapor directly to the lungs, which can cause irritation or coughing. It is much easier to cause coughing than MTL vaping.

If you are a new vaper, direct-to-lung vaping may be the main reason makes you cough. And the mouth to lung vaping will be gentler for you, which helps individuals to breathe in the vapor from the mouth. If that, it will be better to change DTL Vaping to MTL Vaping to avoid coughing caused.

3.Use a lower vape wattage

Vaping devices exist in different shapes, voltages, and even technologies. Devices exist from low to high wattage devices depending on personal preference. Wattage is the amount of power an electronic device can put out. Vape devices with high wattage produce more energy, which increases the production of vapor. If you didn't fit it before, it would irritate your throat and it will be easy to cough.

Therefore, don't use high vape wattage to avoid coughing. Actually, there are many low-wattage vape devices that can provide great vaping flavor, you needn't pursue the higher one. Like Suorin vape starter kits wattage range is from 14W to 22W, but it's a great reputation for satisfying vapers' throat hit.


4. Control the PG and your nicotine levels: high level of nicotine

High nicotine levels are also associated with coughing when vaping. High PG levels and nicotine levels are used to get the smoking sensation or to make the use of vapes realistic.

The high levels of PG (Propylene Glycol), especially in larger vape devices, can cause coughing. PG is proven safe for human consumption, is one of the four ingredients used in the e-liquids used for vaping, and creates the 'throat-hit' comparable to that of cigarettes. Larger devices with high outputs can be a reason for coughing because of a high PG ratio e-liquid. The solution to the problem is controlling the PG ratio and the nicotine levels. What Does PG & VG In Vape Juice Mean?

5. Clean or Change the coil or pod cartridge

The coil or pod cartridges can be a reason for coughing. In addition,  cleaning the pod or coil cartridges to stop coughing, changing the pod and oil cartridges is a crucial part of owning a vape because it is part of the essential maintenance, which also helps increase the lifespan of the device.

Worn-out cartridges do not adequately vaporize the e-liquid, which leads to carrying carbonized elements in the vapor to irritate the throats. The latter makes it crucial to change the coil or pod cartridge.how-to-vape-without-coughing

General, the replacement cartridges and coils should be replaced regularly! And Suorin cartridges and coils are suggested to replace after refilling 5 times! You can prepare some to replace!

6. Change your e-liquid flavor

Different flavors can be used for the making of the e-liquid. Some flavors may work for some individuals and fail to work on others, which is irritating. It is crucial that individuals that identify which flavors work and which do not. A change of flavor can help reduce the rate of coughing, which can change the direction of the vaping experience. Some of the factors to consider when choosing the vaping flavor which can contribute to coughing include:

  • Poor e-liquid quality or e-liquid expiration can make you cough.
  • Sharp citrus or fruity flavors or those that have strong menthol tastes may cause a thick throat more than others. If the flavors irritate, users can switch to menthol or tobacco flavors. Fruity or tobacco flavors are less intense on the throat, helping in some instances to reduce coughing while vaping.
  • This cough could also signify a minor allergic reaction to a particular e-liquid ingredient, so check the label for any known allergens.

7. Adjust the airflow settings on your vape

The vapes are designed differently, and some have controls for airflow. The airflow settings may be incorrect, resulting in an uneven and uncontrolled airflow. To correct the defects, individuals can adjust the settings of their vapes to ensure a controlled airflow that can help reduce coughing.

8. Drink more water to help avoid coughing

Vaping is also associated with a dry throat, so drinking more water and fluids helps avoid coughing.

Treatments for Vaping Cough

Some individuals may cough when vaping, especially those new to the practice. The latter does not apply to all individuals, so it is essential to understand some of the treatments for vaping cough. The main reason for coughing when vaping is that the practice differs from smoking. In instances where vaping is essential to help prevent tobacco and other toxins, treatment of vaping cough can help individuals quitting smoking have a pleasurable experience. The following are some of the said treatments for vaping cough.

1.Saltwater rinse

Coughing is associated with irritation to the upper part of the respiratory system, and coughing acts as a natural defense system.

There are two types of coughs, including dry and wet cough, which can result from allergies, asthma, and smoke, among other factors. Using water helps moisturize the upper respiratory system. This old-fashioned remedy has been proven to help soothe sore throats in clinical trials. Because it helps moisturize scratchy throats and treats sores from smoking.

Saltwater rinse helps keep the throat hydrated, which can include hydration measures. Vaping cough is caused by a dry, itchy throat or healing sores in the throat.It also helps in killing bacteria in the throat and mouth.

To make the rinse, boil a cup of water and add one teaspoon of salt. Let the solution cool until it's warm, and then gargle and swish with it for 30 seconds.


In the treatment of vaping coughing, honey can also be used because it has anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce the inflammation in the respiratory system.

Honey can be used to treat vaping coughs because it soothes sore throats and helps to soothe them. A 2018 research found honey effective as diphenhydramine, a component of Benadryl, a medicine for treating cough in children. Honey can be taken raw when the cough comes back or can be added to warm water and taken warm.

To soothe your throat, swallow two tablespoons of honey or add them to a cup of hot tea.

Enjoy vaping without irritation.

When you switched to vaping, you made a great decision. By following these tips, you know how to vape without coughing. It will be best to enjoy vaping.

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