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How Wattage and Temperature Affect Your Vape Juice Flavors

author-icon Suorin Team date-icon Mar 26, 2023

Have you ever wondered why you vape device has adjustable wattage? Turning up the wattage heats your e-liquid more, and that can affect its flavor. Let's follow us to know how wattage and temperature affect your vape juice flavors!

Wattage refers to the amount of power your battery sends through your device and into your e-liquid cartridge or pod. You can find the wattage adjuster on the front of the device. Some devices come with LED screens or indicator lights that show wattage changes.

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How Wattage Settings Affect Vaping

Do you need a low or high wattage setting? That depends on several factors. Some flavors respond better to different settings, but you won't know which you prefer until you experiment.

Consistently vaping at high wattage heats the liquid quickly and produces larger clouds. On the downside, you'll shorten the battery life of your device. Some vapers find they can enjoy vaping at a lower wattage that extends the battery life. This is helpful to know if you want to vape all day without worrying about constantly recharging your device.

You'll also go through more juice if you consistently use a high wattage. You can go through a full bottle in a day or two if you keep the setting at its highest level. Vaping at lower settings will help you save juice and money.

Best Temperature to Vape E Juice

What is the best wattage to vape e-juice? That, too, depends on several factors, including the type of juice you want to vape. Here are some things to consider.

  • Cool vaping: Lower wattage settings of 10 watts or below are ideal for cool vaping. This is a preferred vaping style for many people. They don't like hot vapor in their mouths and prefer a cool vape that doesn’t produce heavy clouds.
  • Vape flavors: If you're vaping a light, delicate, flavor, a lower wattage is an excellent choice. For rich, complex flavors, choose a higher setting that will bring out the details of the flavor. Fruity and dessert flavors may benefit from a higher setting. If you prefer citrus or menthol flavors, however, you should use a lower wattage to enhance the brightness of those flavors.
  • Clouds: If you want big clouds, you must go with higher wattage and temperature settings. This will wear out your coils quickly, so be prepared to change them frequently.
  • The throat hit: Vapers who want a strong throat hit may have to adjust the wattage to a higher level. Start at a middle range to see how that works for you. If you like a throat hit, look for tobacco and tobacco blends that advertise this as part of their flavor profile. Some juices don't have strong throat hits, however, and turning up the temperature on them can make them harsh. It's all a matter of experimentation.

How to Optimize Your Vape Juice Flavors through Wattage and Temperature Settings?

Everyone wants to get the most out of them vape juice flavors. After all, no one wants to waste their hard-earned money on a sub-par vaping experience. Fortunately, it's possible to optimize your vape juice flavors by tweaking your device's wattage and temperature settings. Let's take a look at how these two factors can affect your vaping results.

1. Wattage Settings

The wattage of your device is essentially an indication of its power output. Different wattages produce different levels of vapor and flavor intensity. For instance, if you want more vapor production and a stronger flavor, then you may need to increase your wattage settings. On the other hand, if you prefer less vapor production or find the flavors too intense, then reducing the wattage may give you better results. It's important to remember that different devices have different wattage requirements, so make sure to check with the manufacturer for specific guidelines about your device's capabilities.

2. Temperature Settings

Temperature has an effect on both vapor production and flavor intensity as well. Generally speaking, higher temperatures will produce more vapor but will also make the flavor more intense. Lower temperatures will reduce both vapor production and flavor intensity—which can be beneficial if you're looking for something more subtle or mellow. Again, every device has its own specific temperature range that should be followed for optimal results.

How to Pick a Vape with Wattage Control

When you look at the details of your device, you'll see that most pod mods and vape pens have a variable wattage of up to 40W. More advanced devices have higher upper limits. Look for this feature if you're interested in experimenting with temperature and wattage settings.

Best Vaping Juice for Variable Devices

Any juice will work in a variable-wattage device. Remember that different flavors will react differently to different settings. As with anything in vaping, you will discover the best combination of settings and flavors through regular experimentation.

Best Vaping Devices with Wattage Control

If you want the power to change temperatures in an easy-to-use device, you're in luck. We've rounded up the best devices that come with adjustable wattages.

Suorin Air Mod Pod

The latest edition of the classic Air comes in a gorgeous, sleek package that is loaded with features but still easy to use. The advanced engineering, upgraded features, and refined heating dynamics combine to make a pod mod that is far from basic. Get the most from every flavor with this pod mod.

  • Internal 1500mAh battery
  • 3 ml-capacity pod
  • Variable 5 to 40 wattage
  • LED indicator lights
  • Comes in eight beautiful colors

Suorin SPCE Pod Kit

This advanced pod mod features a large battery and digital screen interface. It is a great-looking, solidly built device. The SPCE is the first pod mod in the world to feature dual rotation buttons that allow you to spin or press the buttons to change settings. A side-filling system reduces leaks and keeps the device clean.

  • Internal 1500mAh battery
  • 3 ml-capacity pod
  • Variable 5 to 40 wattage
  • Unique dual rotation buttons
  • Comes in seven stylish color patterns

Suorin Trio 85 Vape Mod Kit

The Trio 85 is Suorin's most advanced pod mod device. It has advanced technology in a portable package that's easy to use and packed with features. The patented ORI chipset allows you to control your airflow and wattage to fine-tune your vape experience. Note that this device requires an external battery that you must purchase separately.

  • External 19650mAH battery
  • 5 ml-capacity pod
  • Variable 5 to 85 wattage
  • Type-C charging
  • Available in seven striking colors


Vaping is all about personal preference. Finding the right wattage and temperature settings for your particular tastes can take some trial-and-error experimentation! Suorin is committed to creating the high quality vapde devices.  We believe they can give you a great and smooth vaping experience!