WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Suorin Shine Review: Great MTL Pen-Shaped Vape Pod Kit

author-icon Suorin Team date-icon Mar 14, 2023

The Suorin Shine Vape is an innovative, modern vape with a sleek, minimalistic design. It has a 2ml liquid capacity and produces full flavor. In this Suorin Shine review, we’ll share all the details of it. And all the real user experience to help you to know more about the device features!

Content Guide

Suorin Shine Package Kit Includes

1 x Device
2 x 1.0Ω cartridge
1 x USB cable
1 x Suorin Shine user manual.

Suorin Shine Design and Appearance

Different from the Suorin Air series card-shaped design or the Suorin Drop series water-drop design, the Shine vape pod kit comes with a pen-shaped design and style. It looks slimmer and you can hold it in your hand more comfortably.

The device is an all-in-one vape pod kit and comes with a vape pod body and a replacement pod cartridge. The vape body is made of zinc alloy and PC material.

It is 104mm in height, 24mm wide, and 14mm in thickness. So diminutive in size that it only weighs 47 grams. Very light to carry on the go!

The product comes in 8 color options, including black, space grey, silver, red, diamond blue, Teal blue, mint green, and gold. On the front-facing panel, there is the word “ Suorin SHINE” in thin gray lettering and the “Suorin logo” on the back face.

At the nearly center of the vape body, there is a slightly raised matt black oblong fire button, which is used to turn on or off the device. When you press 5 times continuously to open the device, you can find that there is a hidden black indicator light at the junction of zinc alloy and PC material that flash green, blue, or red to tell you the device battery status. Look at the side edge of it, there is 1 hole on each side, which are used for airflow. And the battery charging port is at the bottom of the device, you can charge it with a Micro USB!

Suorin Shine kit Pod Cartridge

Suorin Shine kit is a vape pod kit coming with a replacement pod cartridge device. You can use nicotine salts and vape juice to create an electronic cigarette experience. Its pod cartridge is also compatible with Suorin ACE. They are the same size with a 2.0 ml e-liquid capacity and 1.0-ohm mesh coil, which can give you the same great flavor taste and full throat hit. Now,  it has a new version that the pod cartridge’s oil tank is using white transparent PC material and the old one is using black tinted PC material. It will be a bit blurry or unclear to check the e-liquid level unless you put the cartridge under a light, so the Suorin team upgrades it! What’s more, the Shine pod kit is equipped with 2 cartridges, it is perfect for it! And you can buy refillable Suorin Shine cartridges to replace them here!

Detail Design

About the appearance, one side is marked the “Suorin” brand, and one side marking the pod cartridge parameters: “2ml cartridge”, coil resistance “1 ohm”, and power output range “9W – 15W”. Also, the notice “CE” and the warnings “Do Not Dispose of” are on it.

Leak-proof Design

The Suorin brand team thinks highly of the leaking issue! To better avoid leaking problems, the Shine pod cartridge uses the side-fill design with a flush-fitting black silicone rubber plug. It is fit close enough to avoid leaking.

How to Fill and Use it?

When you want to use it, you need to fill the e-liquid first to install it. Take off the silicone rubber plug (It is connected to cartridge; you needn’t worry it will be lost) and fill the e-liquid to the cartridge tank till it’s full. Then take on the plug and wait 5-8 minutes to make sure the organic cotton is fully saturated!

After that, you can install the pod cartridge to the pod body. They are connected with magneto. It is tight enough to connect and easy to take out. This pod cartridge can be refilled 5 times after filling with e-liquid.

Every time refill it, you need to take the pod out of the body of the vape. Because the filling port is concealed when it is in this position. Hold one end of the body while you hold the other with your hand and then pull away from each other to break apart. It is really easy to control and fill up the coil reservoir with liquid.

Battery and Charging

The Shine has a 700mAh built-in battery that allows you to use it without worrying about charging it. You get a long battery life so you can stay vaping all day long.
The battery life on this device is impressive, with up to six to eight hours of usage between total charges. The SHINE also features a quick heat-up time, meaning you can start vaping as soon as you get it out of the box.

To our use test, a full battery can last-using for about 7 hours. If you are not vaping so frequently, it can last longer!

What’s more, it also comes with a micro-USB. The device’s internal 700mAh battery charges in about 40 minutes to fully charge via the Micro USB port. Because we don’t suppose to vape while charging, quick charging is great for people who are always on the go and don’t have time to wait for their devices to charge.

Suorin Shine LED Indicator Light

The Shine is one of the classics vape pen design refillable vape pod kits on the market, and it has some features that make it stand out. The LED light on the Shine makes it easy to know the device’s battery status- even in low-light conditions. The LED light also doubles as a tip indicator for the device. This LED indicator light is very useful! You can get most situations of the device by it.

1. Show Battery capacity status:

  • over 70%, the LED light shows the green light
  • 30% -70%, the LED light shows blue light
  • under 30%, the LED light shows the red light

2. Battery Charging Status

  • Lower than 30% battery capacity, the LED light flashes the red light
  • 30% -70% battery capacity, the LED light flashes blue light
  • over 70% battery capacity, the LED light flash green light
  • At full charge, the LED light shows the constant green light

3. Tip device status

  • Press the button 5 times to turn on the device, the LED will flash green.
  • Press the button 5 times to turn off the device, the LED will flash red.
  • Cartridge occurs short-circuit, the LED light will flash 5 times
  • The cartridge was burnt or didn’t connect to the device well, the LED light will flash 8 times
  • Over 5s hitting the protection circuit, the LED light will flash 10 times
  • Low battery and needs to recharge as soon as possible, the LED light will flash red 3 times

If you want to know why your device blinks, you can check our complete guide article to know more!

Performance and Price

Shine is a month-to-lung vape pod kit, it is a high-performance device that offers excellent value for the price of $23.99.

It has a large enough 700mAh battery capacity and can last several hours without recharging. Its cartridge is 2ml, suitable for daily use. The device also has an easy-to-use user interface and produces excellent-quality vapor. Its power output is 9W to 15W with the 1.0-ohm coil resistance, it is enough for providing a great gentle throat hit. If you love fruity or any sweet flavor tastes, it is also perfect for it!

Overall, the Shine vape is a great choice for anyone looking for a high-performance vape pen.

The Shine vape has an incredibly smooth and consistent vapor production, making it an excellent choice for anyone looking for a high-quality device. The price is reasonable for the device’s longevity, and the quality of the vape justifies the cost.

How to Use the Suorin Shine?

Shine is an e-cigarette that comes with a unique design and features. It is a great easy use vape starter kit that makes it stand out from other e-cigarettes on the market. When you get it from the delivery, you can follow the steps to use it!

  • First, check all the SHINE device kit to know if it is all packaged and can work normally.
  • Then, you can charge the battery of the vape product. Although the device will come with power, it will be better to vape with a full battery for the first time.
  • Next, you can choose from a variety of flavors that are available on the market. Filling the e-liquid into the cartridge while charging! And make sure the cartridge cotton has fully saturated.
  • Once it is charged, you can remove the sticker from the atomizer and start using it by attaching the cartridge to a vaping device.
  • When all the steps above are ready, you can start to vape it. You can start to vape by vaping it directly or pressing the fire button five times continuously to open and vape it!
  • After that, you can start and enjoy your vaping journey! It will give you a perfect vaping flavor taste!

How to Turn on the Suorin Shine?

Suorin Shine pod kit support 2 methods to turn on or start using it: Auto draw and press the fire button.

If you use the auto draw function, you just need to put the Shine mouthpiece to your lips and inhale. When you inhale, the Suorin shine battery will be activated and engages the heating element. You can vape naturally.

If you press the fire button to start it, press the fire button 5 times continuously to turn it on. When the indicator light flashes green, it was turned on and you can vape it!

Why is my Suorin Shine blinking green?

Suorin Shine blink green is not a big deal of it. It is normal. There are a few situations in which the indicator light blinks green.

  • Pushing the button 5 times to turn on it, the LED will blink green.
  • When you are charging, it will blink green when the battery has over 70% power.

Does Suorin Shine Leak?

Actually, I used it for 3 days, it doesn’t have a sign to leak. Maybe it should credit to its great pod cartridge design – side-fill design and with a flush-fitting black silicone rubber plug. Just as I mentioned before in this article.

Admittedly, leakage is common among e-cigarette devices. The manufacturers all think highly of it. But this leaking problem may cause by unreasonable design, some may cause by the wrong use of the vapers. If it is caused by the latter Human factors, we can learn to fix it with the right use!

  1. Make sure your device is clean
  2. Keep the silicone rubber plug closed tightly
  3. Don’t overfill the e-liquid in your tank
  4. Improve your vaping skills, don’t Inhale too forcefully. Inhale too hard can lead to an overabundance of juice in your coil, which can cause leaks from your device.

How long does the Suorin Shine pod last?

The Suorin Shine pod lasts around 6-8 hours with constant use. In our test with frequently using, it can last about 7 hours. But if you vape not so frequently, I believe it will last longer!

About its pod cartridge, 2ml e-liquid is about 550 puffs, which can be used for a couple of days or more depending on our often-you vape. And the cartridge is refillable, you can refill 5 times more!

Suorin Shine Using Experience

The Shine I’m using for my review is the red and diamond blue edition, 2 devices. I’ve been using it for about a couple of weeks now, and I have to say that I am really impressed. Not only does this device look great and feel great in the hand, it feels good to hold and it isn’t clumsy at all.

It also offers probably some of the best performance out there with its great-performance vaping cartridges and hardware. The airflow is a choice. All around a great experience. The device uses complex technology to produce vapor that tastes great, even when compared to other devices on the market. I can use it with my favorite vape juice cola ice!

Auto Draw Activation VS Fire Button Control Activation

I tested 2 methods to activate the pod device: Auto draw and fire button control activation. I found that when I vape by using auto draw to activate it, I get a gentle throat hit with a little warm soar air and it performs with constant output power. If you use the auto draw, it will keep the stable output and the vaping experience doesn’t be affected by the battery capacity!  But the drawback is that it is not so stable to be activated, sometimes, I even can’t activate it by auto draw.

When I used the fire button to turn it on, I do get a stronger draw! I can clearly feel a warmer soar air hit my throat, then I get my cool cola ice flavor!  I believe it performs a higher output power than the Auto draw activation, and the battery also drains faster than it. And the soar air warmness will be also affected by the battery.  But I know that most vape pod systems, soar air warmness and performance will be affected by the battery power in a way. It is common and not a big deal! I do love this experience.

Additionally, the device can withstand a lot of wear and tear. The durability testing was mostly from the device rattling against my keys in my pocket and me dropping it at least twenty times accidentally.

This is a great vape pen for beginners or experienced vapers. It has an easy-to-use design and is very comfortable to hold. Only the basic skills can use well. You needn’t learn a lot. The battery life is also good. If you use the auto draw, it will keep the stable output and the vaping experience doesn’t be affected by the battery capacity! That’s perfect!


Suorin Shine pod kit is a great vape pen starter kit. It has an attractive design, good performance, and solid battery life, and it supports a 1-year warranty.
If you’re looking for a high-quality, all-in-one vape product that is sure to impress, then this should be on your shortlist. If you’re anywhere near the market for an all-in-one vape device, then I can without a doubt recommend giving it a try.