WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Suorin Drop 2 Review: Everything You Need To Know

author-icon Suorin Team date-icon Mar 13, 2023


Suorin Drop 2 is the second generation of the Suorin Drop Vape device, which has a creative water-drop design. With perfect hand-fit design and providing a smooth and comfortable vaping experience, many vapors think that Suorin Drop has the best quality pod system! Drop series wins a great reputation in the market and gets devout users!

So, let's follow me to check its upgrade vision Suorin Drop 2!

In this guide

  1. Design and Appearance
  4. How to add the e-liquid to the cartridge?
  5. Why do I need to wait 5-8 minutes till the coil cotton is fully saturated?
  6. How to install the Suorin Drop 2?
  7. How often should I replace the Suorin Drop 2 cartridge?
  8. How to charge the Suorin Drop 2 device?
  9. Suorin Drop 2 Specifications VS Suorin Drop Specifications
  10. Suorin Drop 2 PACKING LIST
  11. Suorin Drop 2 User Experience
  12. Suorin Drop 2 Review Conclusion

Design and Appearance

Continuing the Water Drop design, the size of Suorin Drop 2 is 78.8*52*17.6mm, it is a little bigger than the Drop 73*49*12mm. But it is also a pocket-size device for you to carry and its weight is also 62 g. The curves on the device and the pod shape make Drop 2 more perfect in the palm of the user's hand!

However, different from the Suorin Drop, the Suorin Drop 2 has a more beautiful body pattern that integrates world-famous paintings and modern popular elements. Whether it is the newly launched “Peacock Plume”, “Yellow Amber”, ” Red Amber”, or “The Scream” they all set off a visual storm in the e-cigarette market. It is pretty cool and beautiful!


And this vape device is used the “hidden button” design. Checking this vape pod kit, you can find that, there is only an embedded fire button, 4 cell power display, and a Type-C charging port.

It is an excellent design that not only can help Drop 2 look more aesthetic and minimalist but better avoid the occurrence of accidental firing!

What's more, about the 4 cell power displays are the indicator lights, it is a very important part you need to know their vibration feedback!

1. These 4 indicator lights will flash once when the Drop 2 atomizer is installed successfully after you press the fire button 5 times to turn on the device. You can also use this specific feature to check the device at on or off status!

2. These 4 indicator lights also can show you the device's remaining battery life:

  • 75%- full energy, all LED indicator lights on
  • 50%-75% energy, three LED indicator lights on
  • 25%-50% energy, two LED indicator lights on
  • 0-25%energy, the bottom one blinking red


Upgraded to 1000mAh battery capacity and 14 Watt maximum output, Suorin Drop 2 will give you a better long-lasting battery vaping experience. It had become a favorite for both new and experienced vapors! And we also provide a Type-C cable, the vape device can be fully charged within 60 minutes! So when the device run out the battery, you don't need to wait a long time until it can work again!


The atomizer capacity of Suorin Drop 2 is 3.7ml, nearly twice of first-generation Suorin Drop. And Suorin Drop 2 has an outstanding airway design! By testing all kinds of airway designs nearly a hundred times, Suorin R & D team found that in combination with the unique spatial structure of the vertical coil provides the best flavor. Because the passage hole will form a closed air chamber structure after installing the DROP 2 atomizer. This is a detailed comparison!

The atomizer capacity of Suorin Drop 2 is 3.7ml, nearly twice of first-generation Suorin Drop. It is also a visible tank using environmentally friendly food-grade materials, which you can observe directly when adding the e-liquid or checking the e-liquid margin.

How to add the e-liquid to the cartridge?

  1. Open the cartridge silicone black lid
  2. Fill the e-liquid in the cartridge with the oil-adding hole
  3. Observe the e-liquid entering until it is full( at least reach the min line)
  4. Close the cartridge silicone black lid and install it on the device
  5. Please wait for 5-8 minutes after filling the e-liquid to make sure the coil cotton is fully saturated!

Why do I need to wait 5-8 minutes till the coil cotton is fully saturated?

If the coil cotton doesn't fully saturate, the device will dry burnt. That is bad for the vape device! Of course, you can also put one or two drops of liquid down from the drip tip to help the coil cotton fully saturated quickly, but it might be slightly gurgly on your first vape. Just keep that in mind and we will see if the liquid can even make its way down there because it looks like there is an air bubble in there but anyway that's just a way to prime up your coil a little bit faster!

How to install the Suorin Drop 2?

  • 1)Filling the e-liquid to the cartridge and make sure the coil cotton is fully saturated
  • 2)Press the power switch 5 times to turn on the device
  • 3)Insert the cartridge into the device before using the device to inhale a puff for the first time, when the 4 indicator lights will flash once, you have installed Suorin Drop 2 successfully!


How often should I replace the Suorin Drop 2 cartridge?

For better flavor, we recommend you change a new cartridge after 4-5 times e-liquid filling or within 7 days after the first oil filling! The intended service life of the cartridge is seven(7)days.


How to charge the Suorin Drop 2 device?

When the battery is left with 0-25% energy, the bottom one of the 4 indicators' LED lights will blink red. You can start to use the charging cable included with the device to recharge the battery. Please immediately unplug the device once it is fully charged

Suorin Drop 2 Specifications VS Suorin Drop Specifications

Suorin Drop 2Suorin Drop
Atomizer Capacity3.7ml2ml
Coil Resistance1.0Ω1.3Ω-1.4Ω
Max Output14W12W
MaterialZinc Alloy + Plastic + IMLZinc Alloy + PC
Charging InterfaceType-CMicro USB
Battery Capacity1000mAh310mAh

Suorin Drop 2 PACKING LIST

Suorin Drop 2 User Experience:

Suorin Drop 2 is very smooth to vape and compared to its first generation, its soar air is warmer! Because it used the 1-ohm mesh coil inside the pod system when fired the drop 2 device the e-liquid immediately vaporizes on the coil, less air encounters the coils, it forces the vapor out quicker as well as becomes warmer.

As Joule-Thomson's effect explains that when the air passes through a reduced orifice size, at a higher temperature, the air volume will be larger, and the speed of airflow will be quicker, which also affects the overall flavor of the vapor. When it's forced out quicker, the flavor comes out fuller and thicker. The unique airway design provides the low but right airflow, therefore, I gain more flavor from it!

The air freely flows from the coils to the mouth! It provides a great warm and strong loose mouth-to-lung draw which you can comfortably direct-lung. It is one of the strongest loose mouth-to-lung vapes out there! With a very strong and defined throat heat which is surprising to find in a loose mouth along with vaping!

The device has a 1000mAh battery giving a long-lasting vaping experience. As we all know, most vape pod systems, soar air warmness and performance will be affected by the battery power in a way. Suorin Drop 2 direct output a very warm vape on a full battery. And it will drop along with the battery, not a lot but noticeable, you can feel it when vaping if you pay attention to it. Especially when it is fully charged and all the way down to two battery lights! But it also performs well even when it is at a low battery. So you don't worry about the battery power when vaping!

Suorin Drop 2 Conclusion

Suorin Drop 2 is a really nice and smooth vape device. The pocket design is easy to carry! Long-lasting battery life and unique airway design can provide you with a great vaping flavor! It is really the best vape pod for you!