WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Suorin Air Mini Review: Mini Suorin Vape Pod Kit

author-icon Suorin Team date-icon Mar 17, 2023


Carrying the Suorin Air series' design, the Suorin Air mini is the real mini vision of the Suorin Air pro. It is really small to take in a pocket. Let’s know more about this mini vape!

Content Guide

  1. Minimalist Design, Easy To Carry
  2. Cartridge Design
  3. Leak-resistant with innovative design
  4. Battery and Charging
  5. Suorin Air Mini Specifications
  6. Pod Kit Package Includes
  7. How to add the e-liquid to the cartridge?
  8. What does the Suorin Air Mini Indicator light Color mean?
  9. What does the Suorin Air mini Indicator light use for?
  10. Suorin Air Mini User Experience
  11. Suorin Air Mini Conclusion

Minimalist Design, Easy To Carry

With its compact design weighing in at 72g and measuring 32.3mm by 13.7mm by 75mm, the Suorin Air mini is small as a cigarette lighter. Filling comfortably and perfectly in your hands.  With the Air series’ design, the Air mini comes with a body of aluminum alloy, it is clean and elegant showing a high-end and exquisite texture! Now, it is available in 10 color designs, including Light Blue, Red, Black, Silver, Gold, Mint Green, Star-Spangled Blue, Star-Spangled Red, Diamond Blue, and Rose Gold!

Look at the picture below, the Suorin Air mini is composed of a vape pod system body and a replacement pod cartridge. On the front of the body, there is an RGB LED light,  which is incorporated a laser engraved micro-perforation design. That makes it look like a speaker over that is not a speaker, LOL.

It is used for indicating the battery capacity left. When you install the device with its cartridge, it will flash to show the battery power status. And when you are vaping, it will also light to show you the capacity left. Head down to check while vaping, you can know your battery capacity left directly!

At the body side edges, there is 1 airflow hole on each side. Dual separate inhale airflows greatly enhance the inhale stability! And the USB Type-C port for charging is at the bottom. It is similar to the mobile phone charging port. Suorin devices keep producing well with their great quality on the inside, and it still has a high-quality machined standard, even assembling the device, it still uses the apple Pentalobe security screws. But it is no fire button this is strictly an auto drawer device. Just vape to activate it!

Cartridge Design

Suorin Air mini still has its replacement atomizer, but it is not a replaceable coil atomizer. When you get it, you can see that, there is a little transport rubber sleeve over the mouthpiece to keep the mouthpiece clean. And the mouthpiece is using PCTG edible materials, the heat resistance of PCTG material can greatly prevent burning your mouth while vaping.

The mouthpiece area though is pure black which blocks the inside view, but the rest of the pod is slightly transparent besides its capacity there. You can check that the cartridge capacity is 2ml. And it shows you the min e-liquid level line. When the oil is below the mini line, there is an increasing burning risk. The burned coil can’t deliver the best of taste. Therefore, you should pay attention to it when you fill the e-liquid.

Underneath the cartridge, there is a sticker over the cartridge to protect the device from drying burnt before you prepare to use it. You need to remove it when you install the device. When you pull the sticker off, it contacts the airflow intake hole and the metal frame which will be attracted by the magnets inside the connector. Where you can also see the two contacts and the newer generation automatic draw switch that sticks out into the pod’s airflow channel.

Leak-resistant with innovative design

Pull out the top fuel cap you will find 2 holes choose one to stick your bottle tip in and fill it up the cover only goes back one particular way. There is a silicone gasket around the airflow area where the pod meets the device to minimize flow leakage. The drip tip and pod cartridge are tightly fitted to prevent misuse by children.

The innovative top oiling design can effectively prevent oil leakage by simply turning the oil-filled oil compartment upside down for a few seconds. Compared with Clapton coils, the mesh coil through faster ramp-up brings you bigger clouds and a richer taste, exciting your taste buds and throat.

Battery and Charging

Although with the mini size, the Suorin Air mini is equipped with a 430mAh battery. It can support 48-hour usage. And its charging current is 1000mA, it can be fully charged within 30 min. Therefore, you needn’t worry about the mini body power that will cause your daily use!

Suorin Air Mini Specifications

Size:  75mm x 32.3mm x 13.7mm ( Height Width Length)

Material: Aluminum alloy+PCTG

Atomizer Capacity: 2ml (About 550 Puffs)

Coil Resistance: 1.0Ω

Battery capacity: 430 mAh

Charging current: 1000mA

Working voltage:  3.3 – 4.2V

Max Power: 14W

Charging Interface: Type -C

Pod Kit Package Includes:

1 x Suorin Air Mini Kit

1 x Type-C Cable

1 x Product Postcard

1 x User Manual

How to add the e-liquid to the cartridge?

  1. Pull out the top fuel cap
  2. Fill the e-liquid in the cartridge with the oil-adding hole (There are 2 oil-adding holes, you can choose anyone you want to fill)
  3. Observe the e-liquid entering until it is full( at least reach the min line)
  4. Cover the top fuel cap and
  5. Please wait for 5-8 minutes after filling the e-liquid to make sure the coil cotton is fully saturated!

Or you can check our Suorin official video!

What does the Suorin Air Mini Indicator light Color mean?

  • When there is 0~40% battery power left, the indicator light will show  red light
  • when it is 40~75% left, it will show blue light
  • when it has 75~100% left, it will show a green light.

What does the Suorin Air mini Indicator light used for?

Suorin Air Mini Indicator light is not just used for showing how much battery capacity is left, it’s also used for reminding the situation of the device’s status or problems.

  • When you insert the air mini cartridge, the indicator Light Flash 1 Times
  • When vaping time exceeds 5 seconds, the Indicator Light will flash 10 times.
  • When there is no atomizer detected, the indicator light will flash 1 time.
  • When the Ohms are too low, the indicator light will flash 5 times.
  • When the battery is low, the indicator Light Flash 3 times.

If you meet any problems with the product, you can also check its user manual or contact us to solve it!

Suorin Air Mini User Experience

Suorin Air Mini still keeps the high-quality of Suorin products! It is very smooth to vape and compared to Suorin Air refillable starter kit, its soar air is warmer! Because it used the 1-ohm mesh coil inside the pod system, same with other devices! When fired the Air Mini, the e-liquid immediately vaporizes on the coil, less air encounters the coils, it forces the vapor out quicker as well as becomes warmer. And the coil is great, vapors can get a very wonderful vaping taste even for a few days’ use! And it is really mini and light, with a very good texture to fit in your hand! It’s as small as a car key, and it is very light. It is very easy to carry on the go.

The device has a 430mAh battery. Although it is smaller than the other devices, it is great enough for a mini e-cigarette. It can support 48-hour use. And carrying a 1000mA charging current, it can be charged fully within 30 min.  And its atomizer is a 2ml capacity, about 500 puffs, it is suitable for daily use!

Suorin Air Mini Conclusion

It is great for getting greatly satisfied feedback from the users when it is released, Suorin Air mini R&D team will keep optimizing it for a better user experience!