WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Suorin Air Hybrid Pod review – Is it worth investing in?

author-icon Suorin Team date-icon May 18, 2023

Are you in search of the perfect vaping device? The one that will give you a smooth and satisfying hit without feeling heavy in your hands? Look no further than the Suorin Air Hybrid Pod system. In this review, we'll dive deep into what this device has to offer and whether it's worth your hard-earned money.

Content Guide

What is Hybrid Pod?

A hybrid pod is a type of vaping device that combines the features of 2 vape types. And one type is the pod system.

What is Suorin Air Hybrid Pod?

Suorin Air Hybrid Pod is defined as a hybrid pod that features both pod systems and disposable vape.

The Suorin Air Hybrid Pod is a creative hybrid pod device in the vaping industry. It's a compact, lightweight device that blends traditional vape features and cutting-edge technology.

What's In the Box?

Suorin Air Hybrid Pod disposable vape comes in a rectangular cardboard 'box' with a sealed plastic wrapper marked "Suorin" inside protecting the disposable.

The outside packaging has everything you'd need to know printed on the cover. E-juice capacity, battery, charging interface, mesh coil resistance!

There's also a QR code that you can scan to verify that the product you bought is authentic. What's more, you can find a user manual in it too. Please check and read it carefully before you use the device.

Once you've removed the sealed plastic wrapper from inside the box, just tear it open and remove the Suorin Air Hybrid Pod. And the device's top and bottom are protected by silicone cases.


Starting with the design, Suorin Air Hybrid Pod features a compact-sized device. It is small enough to fit comfortably in your hand or pocket, measuring just 75mm x 32.3mm x 13.7mm. It has a sleek, simple design with a metallic finish that gives it a premium look and feel. Its lightweight and sleek design makes it easy to carry around in your pocket.

On the front of the device, you can see that there is a large "Suorin" and a small "AIR HYBRID POD" under it. On the pod part, its material is transparent, you can check the e-liquid level directly. And there is a Min line. When filling e-liquid, you need to reach it at least. On the back of the device, you can see that there is a Suorin logo, the letters "CE", and the warnings sign "Do Not Dispose of" are branded on it!

The device is available in seven color options: Obsidian Black, Denim Blue, Viva Magenta, Very Peri, Gradient Purple, Jade Green, and Sunset. It has a smooth, glossy finish, which feels great in the hands.

Pod Capacity

Suorin Air Hybrid Pod has a 2.8ml refillable pod. It can refill up to 8 times. The pod is well-designed and is easy to refill without any spills. Additionally, it has a coil resistance of 1.0ohm, which delivers a smooth vaping experience. It is perfect for vaping nicotine salts and high-nicotine e-liquids. It's an auto-draw device, meaning the user does not have to press any buttons to activate it.

How to fill it?

1. Open the silicone plug

2. Tilt the product when filling

3. Refill when the e-juice level reaches the min line.

Notice: Let the device static for 5-8 minutes after filling, to make sure the cotton is fully saturated.

Battery Life

Moving on to the battery, Suorin Air Hybrid Pod has a 600mAh built-in battery capacity. It's a decent battery life that can last up to a full day of regular vaping usage. Although the battery is not as strong as other devices, the Suorin Air devices have a USB-C port, which allows fast charging.


Performance-wise, the Suorin Air Hybrid Pod is an excellent device for beginners and experienced vapers alike. Its coil resistance of 1.0 ohms produces a smooth vape with no harshness. Additionally, it has a draw-activated firing mechanism, so you don't have to worry about the buttons. The device is easy-to-use, and the flavor production is great.

Main Features:

  1. Each pod can be re-filled up to 8 times with different flavors.
  2. 1.0 mesh coil to create better flavor and larger clouds.
  3. Each device is equivalent to 3 disposable standard e-cigs of 10ml, which makes it economical and environmentally friendly

Physical Parameter:

  • Capacity: 2.8ml
  • Resistance: 1.0Ω mesh
  • Battery: 600mAh
  • Color: Obsidian Black, Denim Blue, Viva Magenta, Very Peri, Gradient Purple, Jade Green, Sunset


The Suorin Air Hybrid Pod costs approximately $9.9, which is reasonable for a device that offers so much in terms of design and performance.


Overall, Suorin Air Hybrid Pod is a great device for those who are looking for a compact, lightweight, and stylish device. Its impressive features such as draw-activated firing, fast charging, and refillable pods make it a reliable device for daily use. Although battery life may not be the strongest, its affordable price makes it a worthwhile consideration for vapers. So, if you're in the market for a new vaping device, Suorin Air Hybrid Pod is the perfect fit for you.