WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Suorin ACE Review: High Cost-Performance Small Vape Pod Kit

author-icon Suorin Team date-icon Mar 15, 2023

Due to its many features and functionalities during the last few years, mod vapes have become the most common form of gadget. The small and portable pod system is now steadily growing in importance in the vape industry. I will discuss my experience using the Suorin ace pods vaporizer in this Suorin ACE review. It is a small gadget with lots of functionality. How does it function? With a variety of designs and shapes, Suorin produces some truly outstanding performance pod systems, and the Suorin ace is no exception. Suorin Ace’s functionality, as well as the overall quality of the product and aesthetics, are visible. It is a Mouth to Lung (MTL) dual activated pod device with 15W max output and supporting auto draw and fire button control! Let’s know more about it!

Content Guide

  1. Suorin ACE Design and Appearance
  2. Suorin ACE Pod Cartridge
  3. Suorin ACE LED Light
  4. Battery and Charging
  5. Suorin Ace Indicator Light and Why it blinks?
  6. Suorin ACE Performance
  7. Suorin ACE Pod Kit Price
  8. How long does the Suorin Ace pod last?
  9. How to Turn on Suorin Ace?
  10. Does Suorin Ace Leak?

Suorin ACE Design and Appearance

This extremely little device is made of zinc alloy and is only 58mm tall (71mm including the pod), 45mm broad, and 16mm thick. Despite its diminutive size, it weighs a substantial 80 grams, which gives it a powerful overall feel.

The wording “Suorin Ace” is discreetly branded on the front-facing panel in thin silver lettering, and the words “Designed by Suorin,” Suorin’s “Logo,” the letters “CE,” and the warnings “Do Not Dispose of” are branded on the back face of the Suorin ace kit.


A slightly elevated on/off/fire button is located more toward the top of the Suorin pod system in a small, oblong depression on one side of the device, the side opposite the pod recess side. The on/off/fire button’s total height lies flush with the exterior side casing.

The lanyard hole is above the on/off/fire button. On the corner top edge, you can attach a lanyard if you want to wear this around your neck. Although it’s a good addition,  the lanyard chain is not including with the Suorin ace kit.

One or two tiny pinholes often provide the air intake for the pod in fixed airflow systems. Although the pod also lacks them, it appears that when installed, extremely minute air holes surrounding the recess allow air to pass through.

What’s more, it has 12 color options including Black, White, Green, Red, Silver, Desert Camo, Ocean Camo, Starry Sky, Urban Camo, Woodland Camo, Diamond Blue, and Prism Blue! You can get any colors you like!

One or two tiny pinholes often provide the air intake for the pod in fixed airflow systems. Although the pod also lacks them, it appears that when installed, extremely minute air holes surrounding the recess allow air to pass through.

What’s more, it has 12 color options including Black, White, Green, Red, Silver, Desert Camo, Ocean Camo, Starry Sky, Urban Camo, Woodland Camo, Diamond Blue, and Prism Blue! You can get any colors you like!

Suorin ACE Pod Cartridge

Suorin pods include side filling. The fill port is hidden while the pod is installed. Therefore you will need to remove the pod from the pod’s body to fill it with e-liquid. Grasp the ACE’s pod cartridge with one hand, hold the Suorin ACE pod body in the other, and pull the Suorin pod body away from the pod cartridge. They connect via magneto, it is convenient to install or take away it.

On one side of the Suorin ace replacement pods, a white silicon rubber flap covers the fill port, which is on display. This flap rests parallel to the pod’s side. The end of the stopper closest to the top of the pod is the part that lifts away.

The space between the top of the white stopper and the black side edge of the mouthpiece has very little place for your fingernail. The stopper’s release from the top side edge was simpler for me.

There is no possibility of the silicone rubber flap falling off because it is secured to the pod at the bottom by a little rubber strap. The flap can also be turned sideways for easier access to the fill port. The fill port will accept the larger e-liquid/short-fill bottle tips because the opening is fairly wide (4.5mm).

Suorin ACE LED Light

When you draw on the Suorin ace pod system, the tri-color shifting LED, placed on the top of the on/off/fire button, lights in the color that reflects the amount of charge left inside the internal battery. This LED will also turn on while the Suorin ace pod systems are charging or providing any notifications regarding the various levels of security.

Battery and Charging

A 1000mAh internal battery powers the Suorin ace pod system, which is excellent given the device’s size overall. The charging process takes about 50 minutes to complete using the cable and the onboard 1.0A Type-C USB connection.

You could typically get a full day’s worth of vaping out of a fully charged battery. This period will change based on your vaping habits, such as the length and frequency of your draws.

Since the LED’s battery level indicators are fairly precise, you can see when your battery is only 30% charged when the LED turns red while you vape.

It would be best if you recharged the battery after the LED flashes red three times, and you can no longer vape.

During use, I roughly timed how long it took the tri-colored LED to transition between each color level. As the battery discharges, the LED light changes color from Green to Blue to Red. Red means that the battery has fully discharged and keeps flashing. When fully charged, the battery can last up to 10 hours depending on how it is used. The approximate times before changing to each color were quite predictable, and I’ve recorded them below:

  1. The time difference between Green and Blue is 4.5 hours.
  2. Five hours between the colors blue and red.
  3. Red, flashing for 1.5 hours after being discharged.

The Type-C USB port on the top of the body, hidden beneath a flush-fitting removable face plate, is used to charge the pod. Use a fingernail in the slot opening to pry off this plate, which is the same color as the Suorin ace pod system frame’s outer borders. A silicone rubber strap keeps the face plate in place to prevent loss after release.

It has two activation methods: auto draw and the fire button. There is no control over the airflow; it is fixed and cannot be changed.

The onboard control maintains safety features, including:

  1. Protection Throughout (6 seconds)
  2. Battery voltage protection when low
  3. Open Circuit Defense
  4. Short-circuit and Overcharge Protection

Suorin Ace Indicator Light and Why it blinks?

The Ace’s chipset maintains a steady output throughout the battery’s discharge cycle to deliver a quick response when the draw or presses the fire button. The lighted tri-colored LED on this chip also serves as a visual indicator for the operating features and safety elements that are also present:

  1. The LED turns on and off when charging (red, blue, or green)
  2. When fully charged, the LED stays lit up green.
  3. Pod inserted: LED flashes once
  4. Low battery warning: red LED flashes three times
  5. LED flashes five times at low resistance
  6. LED flashes five times during a short circuit
  7. No pod was installed: 8 times, the LED flashes
  8. Protection from overtime (5s) – 10 flashes of the LED

Suorin ACE Performance

Ease to Use

Suorin Ace kit is simple to use. The 2mL cartridge can be used with the Suorin Shine pod and is simple to refill. With the miniature design, you won’t be confused by buttons or sophisticated settings.

Great Flavor Taste

After letting the pod set for 15 minutes with my Iced Honeydew and Blackcurrent e-liquid, I took my first draw, which was amazing. The flavor was much stronger than I had anticipated. Due to the smaller wicking ports on the Suorin ace kit and lesser wattage, using an e-liquid with a PG/VG ratio of 50/50 is advised using MTL vape pods. When utilizing freebase nicotine in some pods at doses of 3 mg or 6 mg, the throat hit may not be strong enough to sate your craving. To solve this issue in this situation, stronger nicotine-containing nic salts are utilized.

Although the flavor was wonderful, the e-liquid I used in two of my other tanks didn’t match this pod’s experience. This flavor appeared more potent than my prior tanks and left a sweet sensation on my lips. This issue is not present at all with this 1.0-ohm pod. Regardless of whether you were using freebase nicotine or higher strength nicotine salts, the pod delivered excellent flavor and throat hit along with respectable vapor production.

This pod’s flavor is amazing and on par with its best. The amount of vapor was satisfactory—not excessive, but more than enough to satisfy.

The lack of adjustable airflow was not an issue because the pod’s draw provided a semi-restricted MTL draw. Still, I was primarily using it as a Restricted Direct Lung device.

The auto draw was quite responsive and always worked. I’ve used auto-draw pods that activate with just a bit of drawing, but this pod required a little more. The firing button also responded fairly quickly.

There was no power difference when using the fire button or the auto draw, but I preferred utilizing the auto draw approach.

Comfort & Portability

The pod is the ideal choice if you value portability and simplicity. You can easily fit this in the palm of your hand. The pod offers excellent performance for such a small gadget, and the flavor is wonderful. It is also portable. Very practical and covert to use and keep in your pocket.


It is also extremely useful to use with a Type C charging port. For regular vaping, 1000 mAH battery is more than adequate.

Most importantly, it is cool-looking. Its sleek, dashing surface is one of my favorites.

Suorin ACE Pod Kit Price

This package costs about $23.99 and is worth the money. And its replaceable pod cartridge is $9.99 for 3 pieces!

How long does the Suorin Ace pod last?

Due to many factors, the ACE cartridges can be refilled 5-8 times after the first filling. It might last anywhere from 1 to 3 weeks. To start, Sourin advises giving the cartridge a proper 10-minute prime. The e-liquid you select must thoroughly penetrate and saturate the cotton wick. Wait it out with patience. It will be rewarding. Your flavor will be fantastic!

How to Turn on Suorin Ace?

The ACE device is easy to use. To turn on or off the gadget, constantly press the fire button five times. For better using the device, you can check its user manual first when you get it!

Does Suorin Ace Leak?

It includes an attached cap to prevent the juice from dripping into the port. To keep you from losing it, the cover is secured to the gadget by a rubber anchor. The groove for your fingernail makes it simple to open, eventually contributing to the mod’s overall neat appearance.


This pod has a few negative aspects, and I truly like it for the record. This tiny pod performs remarkably well, considering its size. Naturally, it has limited functionality regarding changeable wattage, etc., but this isn’t why you’re buying it. It is a high-cost-performance vape pod kit that brings you a smooth and great flavor taste! It’s sturdy and enjoyable to use, making it ideal for carrying around.

If you are looking for a small vape pod kit with a limited budget, you can choose it without any hesitation! Suorin is a specialist in small and compact e-cigarette vape devices. We are committed to creating the most convenient mini vaporizer following the FDA standard. Please don’t hesitate to follow us to get a better and healthier life!