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The Best DIY E-Liquid Recipes Of 2023

author-icon Suorin Team date-icon Mar 12, 2023


Are you looking for a new e-juice flavor? Why not make your own? If you enjoy cooking or creating new cocktails, you will enjoy mixing vape flavors. The best DIY e-juice comes from the perfect blend of flavors, nicotine, and base carriers. Here are the top e-liquid recipes DIYers are making in 2023.

Content Guide:

  1. What You Need to Make E-Juice?
  2. Base ingredients
  3. Other ingredients you will need
  4. Measuring your ingredients
  5. Best Eliquid Recipes
  6. Best Tobacco E-Juice Recipe
  7. Best Fruity and Menthol E-juice Recipes
  8. Best Dessert E-Juice Recipes
  9. Best Milky and Creamy E-juice Recipes
  10. 10 Tips for Making the Perfect DIY e-Liquid

What You Need to Make E-Juice?

You need the basic ingredients found in all e-juices. You can buy your ingredients from online retailers that specialize in selling DIY vape supplies.

Base ingredients

  • Propylene glycol (PG): This is the most common e-juice base. It is popular because it is an excellent flavor carrier.
  • Vegetable glycerin (VG): Vegetable glycerin is a thicker base that turns vapor into thick clouds.

How much of each should you use? Most commercial juices have a 70-30 blend of VG and PG, but nicotine salts are usually 50-50.

When you make your own juice, it's easy to create juices that suit your vape style better. Juices with a higher PG content, for instance, are better for flavor and produce more of a throat hit. Their thin consistency makes them ideal for use in pod mods. Most e-juices on the market, however, are high in VG. High-VG juices are good for creating big clouds, and a 70-30 mix is good for sub-ohm vaping. With a DIY blend, you can customize the texture, nicotine levels, and other characteristics of your juice.

Other ingredients you will need

  • Nicotine: You can purchase liquid nicotine from online suppliers.
  • Flavoring: You can buy flavor concentrates in a massive range of flavors. There are also some specialty flavors you should add to your collection. One is acetyl pyrazine, which is a PG-based flavor that enhances roasted, nutty, bready, and tobacco flavors. Another is menthol or mint flavor to give any blend a frosty kick.
  • Bowl or beaker for mixing your ingredients.
  • Empty juice bottles to store your newly made juices. Bottles with needle tips are good for filling pod mods and vape pen cartridges. Bottles with dropper tips are good for sub-ohm vapers.

Measuring your ingredients

When measuring your ingredients, you can use either weight or volume. If you use volume, you'll need syringes to measure the tiny amounts of liquid used for each recipe. If you use weight, you will need a small scale that measures your ingredients in grams.


To make a standard e-juice, follow this basic vape e-liquid recipe:

  • 4 ml PG
  • 4 ml VG
  • 0.5 ml of one flavor
  • 0.5 ml of your second flavor
  • 0.2 ml of a third flavor
  • 1.8 ml of nicotine (optional)

Mix these liquids by shaking the beaker gently. Once the juice is mixed, you must let it steep. This allows the flavors to develop fully. The steeping period can range from one day to two weeks or more.

This recipe makes about 10 ml of juice. You'll adapt this basic recipe to create your own custom blend. The easiest way to get started is with the liquid recipes we've listed here.

Best Eliquid Recipes

Are you looking for the best vapor flavors recipes? We've listed the best in each category, so get ready to start mixing.

Best Tobacco E-Juice Recipe

Goofy's Juice

This nutty, sweet tobacco flavor is deeply satisfying.

  • 0.6 ml PG
  • 0.3 ml VG
  • 0.4 ml tobacco flavor
  • 0.05 ml graham cracker
  • 0.1 ml hazelnut
  • 0.1 ml peanut butter
  • Steep for 15 days.

Smoking Snake

This is a creamy, pear-flavored blend with a mild tobacco taste.

  • 0.6 ml PG
  • 0.3 ml VG
  • 0.2 ml tobacco flavor
  • 0.5 ml whipped cream
  • 0.2 ml honeydew melon
  • 0.1 ml pear
  • Steep for 24 hours.

Best Fruity and Menthol E-juice Recipes

Dragon's Blood

This is a tropical punch with a refreshing menthol twist.

  • 0.3 ml PG
  • 0.3 ml VG
  • 0.5 ml blood orange
  • 0.08 ml sweet tangerine
  • 0.3 ml nectarine
  • 0.05 ml papaya
  • 0.1 ml lime
  • 0.4 ml dragon fruit
  • 0.15 ml apple
  • 0.1 ml menthol
  • Steep for one week.


This recipe requires only an hour of steeping. It tastes like a smooth version of a strawberry Jolly Rancher candy.

  • 0.3 ml PG
  • 0.3 ml VG
  • 0.25 ml sweet cream
  • 1 ml strawberry
  • 1 ml watermelon or honeydew

Best Dessert E-Juice Recipes

Mother's Unicorn Milk

This recipe combines many flavors for a complex dessert flavor that satisfies every sweet tooth.

  • 0.3 ml PG
  • 0.3 ml VG
  • 0.5 marshmallow
  • 0.5 ml graham cracker
  • 1 ml caramel
  • 2 ml custard
  • 3 ml whipped cream
  • 3 ml vanilla
  • 3 ml sweet cream
  • 5 ml strawberry
  • 6 ml cheesecake
  • Steep for 15 days.

Almond Candy Bar

This version of the popular candy bar tastes like the real thing.

  • 0.3 ml PG
  • 0.3 ml VG
  • 3 ml milk chocolate
  • 3 ml toffee
  • 5 ml toasted almond
  • 8 ml coconut
  • Steep for 24 hours.

Best Milky and Creamy E-juice Recipes

Blueberry Yogurt

  • Get the sweet and tangy yogurt flavor you love.
  • 0.3 ml PG
  • 0.3 ml VG
  • 0.2 ml sweet cream
  • 0.5 ml milk
  • 1 ml blueberry
  • Steep for 24 hours.

Berry Vanilla Smoothie

This recipe is what's known as a “shake and vape” that requires no steeping.

  • 0.3 ml PG
  • 0.3 ml VG
  • 1 ml strawberry
  • 0.5 ml blueberry
  • 0.2 ml vanilla
  • Mix, vape, and enjoy.

10 tips for making the perfect DIY e-liquid:

1.Use high-quality ingredients

The quality of your ingredients will determine the quality of your e-liquid. Make sure to use high-quality nicotine, PG, VG, and flavorings.

2.Measure accurately

Measuring accurately is crucial in making a consistent and safe e-liquid. Use a digital scale to measure your ingredients precisely.

3.Start with small batches

It's best to start with small batches when experimenting with new flavors or recipes. This way, you won't waste too much if it doesn't turn out as expected.

4.Steep your e-liquid

Steeping allows the flavors to blend and mature over time, resulting in a more flavorful e-liquid. You can steep your e-liquid by storing it in a cool, dark place for several days or weeks.e-liquid-recipes

5.Shake well before using

Before using your e-liquid, make sure to shake it well to ensure that all the ingredients are mixed properly.

6.Experiment with different flavor combinations

Don't be afraid to experiment with different flavor combinations until you find one that suits your taste buds.

7.Keep notes

Keeping notes of each recipe and its variations will help you keep track of what works and what doesn't work for future reference.

8.Use glass bottles

Glass bottles are preferred over plastic bottles as they don't react with the ingredients and are less likely to contaminate the e-liquid.

9.Practice good hygiene

Always practice good hygiene when making DIY e-liquids by washing your hands thoroughly and using clean equipment.

10.Be patient

Making DIY e-liquids requires patience and practice. Don't get discouraged if it doesn't turn out perfectly on the first try; keep experimenting until you find the perfect recipe for you! Making Your Own Vape Juice is Fun

We hope we've sparked your creativity and inspired you to create your favorite blends. Vaping should be fun, and making your juice could be an enjoyable new hobby. If you need a vape device, you can check our vape pod or mods!  Suorin is committed to creating the most convenient mini vaporizer.  We believe they can give you a great and smooth vaping experience!