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E-Cigarettes Beat NRT At Smoking Cessation

author-icon Suorin Team date-icon Nov 17, 2022


November 17, E-cigarettes beat NRT at smoking cessation and cause less harm than regular cigarettes. NRT is the Nicotine Replacement Therapy. That was included in the two recently-released papers basing experiments and data. Surveyed by research institutions of Oxford, QMUL, University of Auckland, MGH, HMS, Lanzhou University, and McMaster in Canada.

QMUL -  Queen Mary University of London

MGH - Massachusetts General Hospital

HMS -Harvard Medical School


Smoking, one of the biggest public health threats throughout history, kills more than 8 million people every year. There are 1.3 billion smokers worldwide. NRT, an internationally recognized method, guides smokers to quit smoking by seeking replacements. Now, the main replacement is including nicotine-containing patches, chewing gum, throat lozenges, and so on.

E-cigarettes registered a higher tobacco abstinence rate than NRT. A paper on the well-known literature website TID by researchers from Lanzhou University and McMaster University in Canada found that out. This result is based on the experiment that tested 1,748 subjects. It is reported that e-cigarettes stood out in both the continuous abstinence rate of more than 6 months and  7 days.

TID - Tobacco Induced Diseases

So far, e-cigarettes and NRT make the two most effective ways to quit smoking, as widely confirmed by scientists. Except for irritation to the throat, they bring forth no obvious adverse reaction.

What's more, researchers from Oxford, QMUL, the University of Auckland, MGH, and HMS coauthored a paper. It is also released on Wiley Online Library, a literature website.  The paper dissected the follow-up survey on people seeking solutions from e-cigarettes. It pointed out that the scientific community generally believes that the risk of e-cigarettes is much lower than combustible tobacco. They hope to analyze whether quitting smoking through e-cigarettes can reduce harm to the human body through a comparative analysis of data.

Therefore, they recorded 1,299 subjects from Greece, Italy, Poland, the United Kingdom, and the United States as the sample. Then divided into 3 groups:

  • One group is who only use e-cigarettes
  • The second group is who only smoke
  • The third group is both smoking and vaping

Test results

  • In the detection of 13 potentially harmful biomarkers, 12 indicators were lower for those who only smoke e-cigarettes than those for smokers.
  • In the detection of 25 potentially harmful biomarkers, in the control group of e-cigarette smokers, there are 5 items lower than the group both smoking and vaping. Potential hazard biomarkers with low indicators included 3-hydroxypropyl mercapto acid, 2-cyanoethyl mercapto acid, o-toluidine, and other substances.

Replacing combustible cigarettes with e-cigarettes, or smoking both can effectively reduce the harm to the human body, concluded the study.

From all the professional and scientific research, we can know that e-cigarettes can be better to help smokers quit smoking. It higher the quit success rate. So if you want to quit smoking and don't know how to do it, you can buy an e-cigarette kit as a  cigarette alternative to help you.

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