"Do Something Special."

As a "revolutionary" in the e-cigarette industry, Suorin has been striving to turning creative ideas into reality through a universal emphasis on Innovation, Technology and Quality. Unfettered from conceptual limitations and from the conventional boundaries, Suorin offers something very different in a world of gray, business-like conformity with one goal: do something special.

About Suorin

Established in 2016, Suorin is an e-cigarette brand founded by YouMe Co.,Ltd on the belief that we can turn the power of electronic cigarettes into a force for good. By designing, making and selling good vapes, we can make the world a better place.

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Brand History

  • Minimalist Style

    Get rid of the redundant lines and unnecessary components to put a priority to the usability of the products and to restore the pure sensory enjoyment.

  • Transcending Creativity

    Made to break the rules, Suorin draws inspirations from the non-traditional fields such as art, literature, science-fi movie and even architecture. So as to create the most transcending products with the technology of tomorrow.

  • Sustainability Vision

    Suorin is committed to reduce the environmental damage to achieve a sustainable business through an integral sustainability orientation at every point on the supply chain.

  • Innovation & Technology

  • As a leading e-cigarette brand, SUORIN is focused on implementing a R&D-driven development strategy. With over 80 R&D professionals and expertise, Suorin has established a “Future Respiration Laboratory” in collaboration with 10+ universities across China.

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