Suorin New Products Launched In IECIE 2020

Aug 20,2020,Suorin revealed the latest product Suorin Trio 85 and Suorin Ace at the online launch event “BELIEVE IN EVOLUTION” in IECIE 2020.

At the event, Suorin announced its process of PMTA applications. As of the day, Suorin has submitted the PMTA application, which includes the result and summary of HPHC testing, extractable and leachable testing, stability study, toxicology analysis, clinical trial, perception study.

This time, Suorin has released two new products: Trio 85 and Ace. From the detail information appeared, both products seem to be worth expecting.

Suorin Trio 85 is the first product equipped with Suorin ORI chip, which is an innovative atomization management system with a multi-channel atomization core working as the central processor of the device.

Innovative is always Suorin’s constant vision and value is every step they are creating new product, and it is highly expressed with the launch of Suorin Trio 85. It brings a new experience of flavor and vapor with the Suorin ORI series chip inside the device. 

With the function of voltage management, power distribution, temperature management and atomization monitoring, ORI chip can accurately control and manage the entire process of atomization. ORI chip can also be compatible with different atomization coil such as single mesh and triple mesh coil, ensuring you the best performance of atomization.

Besides, it is equipped with an innovative boost convertor which aims to providing a professional performance by maintaining the voltage supply. Trio85 brings a new possibility of pod mod coil——TRI series coil, which are all equipped with airflow adjustment function, including: TRI single mesh 0.4Ω, TRI triple mesh 0.2Ω and TRI single coil RBA (sold separately). The adjustable 5-85W power also creates joy and satisfaction.



Suorin Ace is another completely different tiny size product with 1000mAh battery, which works excellent in flavor. Its cartridge is fully compatible with Suorin Shine. What’s more, Suorin has made three new designs in Suorin Ace cartridge: the nozzle design, airflow design and the hanging condensing design, which is likely to providing a better flavor than Suorin Shine.

Similarly, Suorin Ace is also designed with dual firing mechanism, draw-activated mode and button-activated mode.

Suorin Trio 85 and Suorin Ace will be available in September. You may check out more information of the launch event on Suorin website It is also be broadcast at the social media at Instagram, Facebook and YouTube @suorinofficial.



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