WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Vaping VS Smoking

author-icon Suorin Team date-icon Mar 18, 2023

For many, the decision to switch from smoking to vaping can be intimidating. After all, they are two very different processes that involve inhaling and exhaling vaporized liquid. As a result, it’s important to weigh the pros and cons of each before making a decision. To help you out, let’s take a look at the key differences between vaping and smoking.

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What is Vaping?

Vaping is the act of inhaling and exhaling an aerosol. It usually contains nicotine, flavoring, and other chemicals. The vape devices are heated when powered by a battery-operated device.

How Does it Work?

Vaping works by heating up a special liquid containing nicotine and other chemicals with an e-cigarette device. E-cigarettes come in many different shapes and sizes, ranging from small pen-like devices to larger box mods. Some even come with refillable tanks that allow you to customize your own flavor combinations.

Most e-cigarettes contain three main components:

  • Battery
  • Atomizer (heating element)
  • Cartridge (liquid containing nicotine)

When you press the button on your e-cigarette device, it activates the atomizer. Then heats up the liquid inside of it turning it into vapor ready for inhalation. When the liquid reaches a certain temperature, it turns into an aerosol. You can inhale like smoke from a traditional cigarette or cigar. The user then exhales the vapor as they would with regular smoking.

Vaping VS Smoking

1. Health Benefits

One of the most important differences lies in their respective health effects. Cigarette smoke contains more than 7,000 chemicals, including 70 known carcinogens (substances that can cause cancer). These chemicals enter your lungs when you smoke. They can damage cells in a way that increases your risk for serious illnesses. Such as heart disease and lung cancer. Studies have shown that people who vape tend to smoke fewer cigarettes per day compared with only tobacco smokers. This means that vapers may be exposed to less nicotine over time. It could lead to improved health outcomes in the long run.

2. Addiction Potential

Another key difference between smoking and vaping lies in their potential for addiction. Nicotine is one of the main ingredients in both cigarettes and e-liquids. However, nicotine levels vary significantly between regular cigarettes and e-cigarettes. The cigarettes typically contain 15–20mg/ml of nicotine, and e-liquids can contain 0–18mg/ml depending on the strength chosen by the user. People who want to quit smoke can lower their nicotine level to even zero. This means that users are able to control how much nicotine they intake when they vape. It is pretty cool to reduce their risk of becoming addicted or developing tolerance over time.

3. Cost-Effectiveness

Generally speaking, people who switch from smoking to vaping can save hundreds of dollars each year. Since e-cigarette starter kits are relatively inexpensive compared to packs of cigarettes ($20-$50 versus $6-$10 per pack).
If you use the vape pod kit, they are also rechargeable and refillable. They can last up to six months or longer with regular maintenance and cleaning, you won’t need to buy new ones as often as you would need to purchase new packs of cigarettes.

Additionally, since users have complete control over their nicotine intake with e-cigarettes, they are also able to reduce costs by gradually lowering their nicotine levels over time as they try to quit completely if desired.

Social Perception of Vaping and Smoking

Vaping and smoking have become increasingly popular in recent years, but there are still wide discrepancies in social perception between the two activities. Smoking is largely viewed as an unhealthy habit, whereas vaping is seen by many as a healthier alternative. Additionally, many people are put off by the smoke produced when smoking cigarettes, whereas vaping does not have this effect.

What Regulations Exist for Both Vaping and Smoking

Vaping and smoking are both heavily regulated by the government. In the United States, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulates all tobacco products, including e-cigarettes. The FDA has issued several regulations that apply to both vaping and smoking.

For example, it is illegal to sell any tobacco product to anyone under the age of 18, regardless of whether it is a traditional cigarette or an e-cigarette. Additionally, all tobacco products must carry a warning label stating that they contain nicotine and can be addictive.

The FDA also requires manufacturers of e-cigarettes to submit their products for review before they can be sold on the market. This helps ensure that these products meet safety standards and do not contain dangerous chemicals or additives.

Many states have implemented additional regulations on vaping and smoking in public places. For instance, some states have banned vaping in certain areas such as restaurants, bars, schools, and workplaces. Similarly, many states have banned smoking in public places such as parks and beaches.


Ultimately, whether you choose vaping or smoking is up to you. However, vaping tends to be easier on the wallet while also providing potential health benefits over traditional cigarette smoking. If you want to quit smoking to live a healthy life, vaping can help you in a way. Here are some Suorin vape starter kits for you if you want to buy one!

Suorin Air Pro

The Suorin Air Pro Kit is a classic slim card case with a single button and LED indicator, made of durable zinc alloy +PCTG. It looks very smooth and elegant. It’s comfortable to hold in your hand and easy to carry in your pocket. It’s a replacement pod unit where you can try every flavor of vape juice or e-liquid you like!

  • Size: 96mm x 45mm x 12.7mm (HWL)
  • Large capacity 4.9 ml
  • Built-in 930mAh battery
  • Longer pod life than others in its class
  • Stylish design and finish
  • Available in 18 stunning colors

Suorin Air Mini

Suorin Air Mini carries on the Air series’ design that is clean and elegant. It is the smallest vape pod of the Suorin pods, the same size as a lighter. But it still provides high performance to bring you bigger clouds and a richer taste, exciting your tastebuds and throat.

  • Size: 75mm x 32.3mm x 13.7mm (Height Width Length), mini vape Suorin device
  • The smallest vape pod device with a regular device performance
  • 1.0-ohm coil resistance with 14W power output
  • Pod capacity 2.0 ml
  • 430mAh with the fast charger
  • Available in 14 stunning colors.

Suorin Drop 2

Suorin Drop 2 is a really nice and smooth vape device. The pocket design is easy to carry! A Long-lasting 1000mAh battery life and unique airway design can provide you with a great vaping flavor!

  • Size: 78.8mm x 52mm x 17.6mm (Height Length Width)
  • 1000mAh internal battery
  • Pod capacity 3.7 ml
  • Hidden button design
  • LED battery indicator
  • Comes in 6 artistic trendy colors

Suorin Air Plus

Suorin Air Plus comes with 2 coil resistance  0.7Ω/1.0Ω, both are the perfect match for nicotine salts and e-liquids. With a card-size design, it is light and portable. What’s more, it is equipped with the 6-Protection system —Short Circuit Protection, Open Circuit Protection, Overcharge protection, 5s Vaping Protection, Low Voltage Protection, and Overcurrent Protection!

  • Size: 93.2mm x 49.9mm x 9.9mm (Height Width Length)
  • Pod capacity 3.5 ml
  • Built-in 930mAh battery
  • Come with 0.7ohm and 1.0ohm coil cartridges
  • Comes in 10 beautiful colors.

Suorin Ace

Suorin Ace Pod features a sleek vape box design and hanging condensing design for better flavor. Get greater performance and longer working time out of your 1000mAh battery. The Suorin Ace cartridge is 100% compatible with Suorin Shine Pod, making it easy to switch from the different devices while enjoying the same original pure flavor.

  • Size:  71mm x 45mm x 16mm (Height Width Length)
  • Internal 1000mAh battery.
  • Comes with a type-C capable charger.
  • The pod holds 2 ml of juice.
  • Sleek, edgy design.
  • Available in 12 fashionable colors.