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Vape Pod: Everything You Need to Know about Vape Pod Kit

author-icon Suorin Team date-icon Apr 3, 2023

The vaping industry has exploded in recent years. Vape pod kits are one of the newest innovations in the vaping community. Vape pod kits are generally a small, portable way to enjoy a flavorful vapor filled with nicotine. It has become quite common among people who want a safer alternative to smoking. However, it is essential to know more about vape pod kits before deciding to vape with it if they suit you.

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What is MTL vaping?

Mouth-to-lung (MTL) e-cigarettes are a way to mimic the first part of smoking; it mimics the impact from the mouth to the lung. MTL vaping devices are generally similar to cig-a-likes and vape pens, but with larger batteries and more powerful atomizers. MTL vaping is usually done using a mouthpiece that allows a tight fit between the device and the user's mouth. They are more beginner friendly than DTL devices because they are not as powerful and have less impact. Research has shown that this form of e-cigarette helps reduce nicotine cravings in smokers who want to quit completely. MTL vaping is a trendy style and many different MTL devices on the market today are also known as vape pod kits.

What is Vape Pod kit?

The vape pod kit, also known as a Vape Pod System, Pod Vape, or Pod Mod, is a type of vape kit that blends compact with function. They feature two main parts: a battery body and a pod (some called an Atomizer or Cartridge). They are always small, portable, and easy-to-use which are made to be user-friendly with first-time vapers in mind. Now they are 2 kinds of vape pod devices: pre-filled vape pod and refillable vape pod kit on the market. And They can work with e-liquids containing nicotine and other flavorings. This will enable you to be more comfortable and convenient while using it.

What is in a Pod kit?

As mentioned above, the vape pod kits are a combination of the components of a vape device. The contents of your vape pod kit will depend on the type of vape you have purchased, but they usually include a battery body and a pod (some called an Atomizer or Cartridge).

The battery: A battery is the key power source for any e-cigarette. It’s also called an "internal battery" (IB). Some batteries are disposable, and some are rechargeable. Like Suorin vape pod kits, they are all built-in lithium battery.
The pod/atomizer/cartridge: The pod (also called "delivery system") holds e-liquid, which is heated to create vapor that users inhale. Generally, the pod has 2 types: prefilled pod and refillable pod.

How does the pod kit work?

The Vape Pod Kit uses a battery containing built-in heating coils and a pod attached on top of these coils.  The vape pod devices are always easy to activate, such as activated by a fire button or auto-draw with vaping. When it is activated to work, the pod system will heat up by current from an electronic circuit board inside your pod kit. This heating process causes the liquid in your Pod and vaporize, producing vapors inhaled through a mouthpiece at the top of the device. The longer you leave that opening open, the more vapor you get out of it.

Type of vape pods:

There are many options for using a pod system, as they all look very similar on the outside, but are essentially the same.  The only difference is that – the pod is prefilled or refillable. So, there are also called prefilled vape pod kits and refillable vape pod kits.

Prefilled vape pod kit.

Prefilled pod kit is popular for its convenience. It is easier than refillable models.

Features of prefilled pod kit:


1. More convenient – pods are prefilled with the specified flavors, nicotine strength, and PG/VG ratio by the vape manufacturers. But generally, the manufacturers will create any kind of favors to meet their customers’ needs, you can choose the flavors, and nicotine strength you want. You needn't buy e-liquid yourself and learn how to fill it.
2. Replaceable when empty – pods can be replaced when you run out of e-liquid, and there are plenty of brand options to choose from online, but most vape pod kits need their brand replacement pods. You can prepare the pods, then you can replace them directly when the ones run out rather than fill them yourself.
3. The small size allows you to carry spares wherever you go.


1.  Lack of autonomy – You can't choose the specified brand of e-liquid you want or flavors for your special needs.

2. You can't enjoy the joy of filling e-liquid yourself.

Refillable Pod Kits

A refillable pod kit is a replaceable and refillable pod device, Suorin pod vapes are all refillable pod kits. It allows you to choose your specified nicotine strength, flavor, and PG/VG ratio.  It will be more interesting if you enjoy the process to study it.

Features of refillable pod kits:


1. Fill with your e-liquid – you can refill the e-liquid to your vape pods, and you can enjoy the joy of filling e-liquid yourself. It gives you a chance to learn and study the filling skills and e-liquid knowledge!
2. Less waste and more cost-effective – the pod is refillable; you won't be throwing away empties as often because you can refill it and use the same one repeatedly. Almost, a pod cartridge can refill 5-8 times, it is equal to buying 5-8 prefilled pods.
3. More autonomy – you can refill the e-liquid you like and control the strength/flavor of your pod, more choice over flavor, you can buy your flavor e-liquid and mix it how you like to find a recipe that suits your preference. More choice over nicotine strength, you can buy your nicotine e-liquid and mix it how you like to find the strength that suits you best. And you can control the PG/VG for the cloud produce you like! You will have way more autonomy to enjoy your vaping experience!

4. The small size allows you to carry spares wherever you go.


1. You have to fill the e-liquid yourself, maybe you will think it is trouble to deal with it if you didn't know how to work with it.

2. You need to stop vaping for a while and waste time refilling it when its e-liquid runs out if you didn't prepare another filled one.

Can I use regular e-liquid in a pod?

Yes, you can use regular e-liquid in a refillable pod. Prefilled pod can't be refilled. You can use the same e-liquid in your pod system as in a regular e-cigarette. The refillable pod system is similar to the rebuildable tanks, you can purchase a bottle of e-liquid from your favorite e-liquid brand and fill up the cartridges yourself.

How long do vape pods last?

Actually, how long a vape pod will last is depending on the vapers, the frequent usage, how big the puffs are, and so on. But take official data, a 2ml cartridge is about 500-600 puffs, it can support a  3-7days use. If you use the prefilled pod kit, it only can last 3-7 days. If you use the refillable pod kit, like Suorin cartridges, it supports changing a new one after 5 to 8 times of e-liquid filling or within 7 days after the first oil filling. That means it can support  5-8 times in 3-7 days using, you can count it! It is long enough to save a lot of money!

How to use Suorin pod system vape kits?

When you receive the Suorin pod system vape kits, here are some tips to help you to use the device!

1. Remove your device from the packaging and check everything is ok!

2.  Read through the instructions/user manual if you haven’t used it before.

3. Take off the cartridge and follow the user manual to fill any e-liquid you like and then wait for 5-8 minutes after e-liquid filling to make sure the cotton is fully saturated.

4. Installed the pod body with the cartridge, and ready to be used.

5. Turn on the device by pressing the fire button or vaping to activate it. Screw the mouthpiece back on and inhale through the mouthpiece at your preferred pace.

6. Once you have finished your session, turn off your device and store any used pods in a cool, dry place for future use. Wipe the mouthpiece with a tissue to remove excess liquid and clean the atomizer.

7.  When you vape, the device's indicator light will show you different colors to indicate the device's battery capacity level, please charge in time with the Type-C or USB port if the indicator light turns red or blink frequently.

How much does a Vape pod cost?

From the high cost-performance thinking, the refillable vape pod kit is a great choice! And if you want to buy a refillable vape pod kit, the refillable pod kid brand Suorin can be your best choice! Suorin has won a great name on the market for a long time! Suorin vape pod price range is between $12 and $30, depending on the vape system and features you're looking for such as battery life, controls, and color/design. And its cartridge price is low to$3.33! It can save a lot with a high-quality and portable device!

Suorin Air Pro

The Suorin Air Pro Kit is a classic slim card case with a single button and LED indicator, made of durable zinc alloy +PCTG. It looks very smooth and elegant. It's comfortable to hold in your hand and easy to carry in your pocket. It's a replacement pod unit where you can try every flavor of vape juice or e-liquid you like! We are also celebrating the Sale of 5,000,000 Suorin Air Pro recently, you can join us to win Up to $10000 Prize! Suorin Air Pro Celebration!

  • Size: 96mm x 45mm x 12.7mm (HWL)
  • Large capacity 4.9 ml
  • Built-in 930mAh battery
  • Longer pod life than others in its class
  • Stylish design and finish
  • Available in 18 stunning colors

Suorin Air Mini

Suorin Air Mini carries on the Air series' design that is clean and elegant. It is the smallest vape pod of the Suorin pods, the same size as a lighter. But it still provides high performance to bring you bigger clouds and a richer taste, exciting your tastebuds and throat.

  • Size: 75mm x 32.3mm x 13.7mm (Height Width Length), mini vape Suorin device
  • The smallest vape pod device with a regular device performance
  • 1.0-ohm coil resistance with 14W power output
  • Pod capacity 2.0 ml
  • 430mAh with the fast charger
  • Available in 14 stunning colors.

Suorin Drop 2

Suorin Drop 2 is a really nice and smooth vape device. The pocket design is easy to carry! A Long-lasting 1000mAh battery life and unique airway design can provide you with a great vaping flavor!

  • Size: 78.8mm x 52mm x 17.6mm (Height Length Width)
  • 1000mAh internal battery
  • Pod capacity 3.7 ml
  • Hidden button design
  • LED battery indicator
  • Comes in 6 artistic trendy colors

Suorin Air Plus

Suorin Air Plus comes with 2 coil resistance  0.7Ω/1.0Ω, both are the perfect match for nicotine salts and e-liquids. With a card-size design, it is light and portable. What's more, it is equipped with the 6-Protection system —Short Circuit Protection, Open Circuit Protection, Overcharge protection, 5s Vaping Protection, Low Voltage Protection, and Overcurrent Protection!

  • Size: 93.2mm x 49.9mm x 9.9mm (Height Width Length)
  • Pod capacity 3.5 ml
  • Built-in 930mAh battery
  • Come with 0.7ohm and 1.0ohm coil cartridges
  • Comes in 10 beautiful colors.

Suorin Ace

Suorin Ace Pod features a sleek vape box design and hanging condensing design for better flavor. Get greater performance and longer working time out of your 1000mAh battery. The Suorin Ace cartridge is 100% compatible with Suorin Shine Pod, making it easy to switch from the different devices while enjoying the same original pure flavor.

  • Size:  71mm x 45mm x 16mm (Height Width Length)
  • Internal 1000mAh battery.
  • Comes with a type-C capable charger.
  • The pod holds 2 ml of juice.
  • Sleek, edgy design.
  • Available in 12 fashionable colors.

Which vape pod kit is right for me?

There are many vape pod kits in the vape market, it is really difficult to choose the best one from so many devices. But the quality and user experience are the important points that should take into consideration. Suorin is one of the most popular e-cigarette brands worldwide, its vape pod kit has been an industry leader in pod vaping ever since with its high quality and stylish design.