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Statement On Suorin Official Website & Social Media Accounts

author-icon Suorin Team date-icon Jun 22, 2022

Thanks very much to SUORIN fans for your continued support. SUORIN has been moving forward because of all of you! In view of the questions we've received recently concerning authentic product purchase, and repeated inquiries on SUORIN official website and social media accounts, now we make the following statements:

About Brand:


About Website:

SUORIN Official Website: www.suorin.com

Statement: Suorin does not open online sales for the time being, but we are expected to go online by the end of August 2021. (Specific Time is Subject to the Actual Update Completion Time)

The ONLY official website of SUORIN is the one listed above. All retail websites with Suorin URL DON'T belong to SUORIN, and have NOTHING TO DO with SUORIN brand. The following are the websites that have been frequently mistaken for SUORIN's online shopping websites by the lots of customers:



We don't know about the authenticity of the products on these sites and we are not responsible for products quality and safety issues on these websites. Fake and inferior products may have defects from the design, materials, quality and safety inspection, which will pose a great hidden danger to the users' safety. Please purchase products from formal channels, recognize SUORIN authentic products, and check authenticity in time after purchase!

About SUORIN Official Social Media Accounts:

SUORIN IG Accounts: @suorinofficial @suorin.france @suorin.uk @suorin.us @suorin.russia@suorin.italy @suorinclub.id

Except for these accounts above on the Instagram platform, any other account is not SUORIN's official account or authorized account! Some of accounts' spellings are similar to that of SUORIN, but they actually have no connection with SUORIN, as listed below:

@suorin_official @suorinair @suorinonline

22 June 2021

Suorin Team