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How to Blow Smoke Rings

author-icon Suorin Team date-icon Feb 28, 2023

Today, e-cigarettes are more popular than they used to be. Some people turn to them, replacing cigarettes as a strategy to quit smoking. You can do many cool things with them, such as impressing your friends and producing various smoke shapes and rings. You do not have to be left out while others perform spectacular tricks. You, too, can show off your vaping tricks skills so that you do not look out of place with many creative friends. But before you can pull out this trick, you need to have known some simple ways to do this, practice, and show off your vaping trick like a pro. Here are a few tips on how to do smoke ring tricks.


  1. Step 1: Draw a mouthful of smoke from your hookah
  2. Step 2: Press your tongue against the bottom of your mouth
  3. Step 3: Shape your cheeks and lips as if you were sucking on a lollipop, and open your mouth to form an 'O' shape
  4. Step 4: Click your lower jaw forward to blow a smoke ring
  5. What Could Go Wrong in Your Trial?
  6. Advanced Steps to Blow 'O' Rings

Step 1: Draw a mouthful of smoke from your hookah

To make the best rings with your vape, you will often start by taking a long drug. The best possible smoke ring tricks vape should be rich in a higher VG mix to have a thicker vapor that will give you the kind of ring you need. Ensure the long drag sticks around your throat. Just ensure it does not go down your lungs at first. This comes with practice and experience; hence, you need to keep practicing until you are as good as a pro. Progress is everything before you become a pro, so do not worry at first if it becomes messy. Drag as much as possible because the vapor must be thicker to achieve the best results of longer-lasting rings.

Step 2: Press your tongue against the bottom of your mouth

Next, you should ensure to get your mouth right. Lock the vapor in your throat and get your tongue and lips in order. The tongue's position should be correct to produce the best results. This, too, needs practice.

Step 3: Shape your cheeks and lips as if you were sucking on a lollipop, and open your mouth to form an 'O' shape

Make sure your tongue lies flat at the bottom of your mouth but towards the back of your throat to ensure you have an ideal pocket that will load the vapor waiting to be pushed out. Shape with your lips! Once the tongue is in the correct position, ensure your lips assume a small 'O' shape. For a better result, stick your lips out as if you are trying to say 'booo.'

Step 4: Click your lower jaw forward to blow a smoke ring

When the above steps are in order, push a little vapor out from the throat. At first, you are required only to push a little amount out because next, there will be some variation you will have to do. If you push all of it out by mistake, you will have to start over again from step 1.

What Could Go Wrong in Your Trial?

Since it is probably your first time doing smoke ring tricks, there could be some things that might go wrong. Still, this is nothing that should worry you because, after all, it is a trial before you can go out to demonstrate your skills. Here are a few things you need to get in your subsequent attempts to save yourself from embracement. Identify them and rectify them where possible.

You do not have enough vapor

If this is the case, ensure you inhale enough vapor! Generally, many experienced vapors will suggest you buy vape mods or vape tanks for vaping tracks, like Suorin Air Mod, Suorin Trio85, Trident, and so on! But actually, a vape pod can also give you thicker vape clouds, like Suorin Air Pro Pod Kit, there is a video, a vapor showing how to get excellent rings with Suorin Air Pro. Not having sufficient smoke in your month will result in the vapor thinning out or even disappearing before seeing the rings. Therefore, get as much smoke in your month as possible, which comes with practice. Although, do not exceed your limits as some will have to go down your throat or get out with coughs. The right amount of vapor will ensure your rings come out so clear.

Do not stand in a breeze

Do not let the wind deprive your bragging rights; stay off the breeze no matter how subtle it is. Wind will destroy the rings and spoil the party. Therefore, each time you show off your vaping trick, ensure you are standing in a closed space to prevent any interference from the wind.

Avoid crumpling your lips so much

Folding your lips too close together will not result in perfect 'O'-shaped rings. This is where most people fail and have to make attempts time and again to become pros. Yes, it might sound so easy yet hard. Flatten your lips against your teeth, avoid crumpling them too much, and ensure they are not curled inwards. To ensure you are doing it well, stand before a mirror to ensure the lips form a perfect, small 'O' shape.

Once you can comfortably do this, it should come automatically, even when you are out there to impress your audience or friends. Keep practicing to make perfect before moving on to the next levels.

Intermediary Steps to Blow 'O' Rings

Now that you are good to go, you can try something trickier, such as pushing the rings in various directions. You will still need to apply some of the steps you learned at the earlier level. Here you will opt for the non-crumpling version, but ensure the lips are round naturally.

Place your hand with an open palm near your face, and blow the rings fast. Use your open hand to guide the rings in whichever direction you want. To achieve this, you should place it on whichever side of the floating formation. Try maintaining a two-inch gap, so you do not disrupt the 'O'. Keep parallel to the movement of the 'O' to control it.

Advanced Steps to Blow 'O' Rings

Now that you have grasped the basics to blow the rings and know how to brow it to the directions you need, it is time to take it a notch higher. The next level involves intense practice and more patience since they are the hard ones to perfect. With the vaping tricks, you will need even more vapor.

Double 'O's

If you do not want to stop at just puffing out an 'O', you can try puffing out two rings simultaneously. Begin by preparing your mouth like you have been doing it for the above two steps, and then take a long and deep puff and put your index finger above your mouth. Ensure the tip of your index finger touches the upper lip while still holding in the smoke.

Ensure the lips are a bit wider on the sides before you can push the smoke out past your index finger. Just use any method you feel more comfortable with. If you execute the technique well, you will end up with two rings.

Triple 'O's

Using the above technique, do the same but this time, use two fingers over your mouth and not one index finger. Blow out the smoke slowly and steadily so as not to make the rings merge or equally break them.


Up to this juncture, you are now a master in blowing vapor rings and can move to the more advanced stage and shapes. While you cannot achieve to make tringle smoke shapes with your mouth, it is still possible to manipulate them using your hands.

Therefore, blow out a thick ring and push it further from you to a comfortable distance. Now swipe your hands down at the same time on either side. This will flatten the sides of the ring, making it look like a triangle for a short while before it can resume its classic shape, 'O'

Love Hearts

Always, the first concept is to puff out the letter 'O' then, using the concept you used to create a triangle, you can use it again for a heat shape. All these looks seem easy to achieve. However, they can be tasking as they need a precise technique to ensure they take the exact shape you intend.

Just like you did when conjuring a triangle from rings, push the ring to a safe, comfortable distance. And then flick the air over the top of the ring at the center without touching the ring. Touching the ring will break it. Do it carefully, so the air movement compresses the smoke to create a heart shape.


Now that you are the maestro of vaping tricks, you can impress the crowd further by creating a jellyfish out of the vape smoke. Blow a big ring while it is floating in the air, puff in some more smoke from your Suorin Drop 2 Vape Pod and puff it out gently and carefully right into the center of the ring. The second smoke gets sucked into the center of the 'O' creating a jellyfish. Move back gently to avoid disturbing and making your fragile creation vanish.


Vape smoke ring tricks are many, and the possibilities of coming up with unique ones are endless. All it takes is practice and patience and not forgetting the basics. A few things can make you not produce better results, such as poor technique, bad form, inadequate vapor, and the environment. You can get it right the first time if you get all these figured out.

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