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E-Cigarettes Assisting Smoking Success Rate 64.9%

author-icon Suorin Team date-icon Sep 29, 2022


E-cigarettes make the best choice for assisting smoking cessation, with a success rate of 64.9%. Revealed from the latest report of the British government in 2022!

Recently, the official website of the British government released the latest independent report on e-cigarettes --"Nicotine vaping in England: 2022 evidence update summary". The report was commissioned by Public Health England. And co-led by academics at King's College London and a group of international collaborators. It is the most comprehensive report to date. The key of this report is to systematically review the evidence on the health risks of nicotine e-cigarettes.

The report suggested that E-cigarettes are still the most commonly used and most successful smoking cessation aids for British smokers. Their harm and addiction are far less than traditional cigarettes.


Nicotine vaping in England: 2022 evidence update summary on the UK government website

In 2019, only 11% of areas in the UK provided e-cigarettes-aided smoking cessation services, according to the report. The figure has increased to 40% in 2021. In addition, 15% of regions indicated that they would provide the service in the future.

At the same time, there are only 5.2% of smokers turned to e-cigarettes to quit smoking between April 2020 and March 2021 amid the recommendation of the government. However, the result showed that the success rate of e-cigarette-assisted smoking cessation reached 64.9%. It ranks first among all smoking cessation methods. In other words, many smokers were actively seeking help from e-cigarettes to quit smoking.

What's more, the report shows that the biomarkers of toxicant exposure related to cancer, respiratory system, and cardiovascular system diseases among e-cigarette users, were significantly lower than those in combustible cigarette users. That further verified the harm reduction potential of e-cigarettes.

The report was published by the Office for Health Improvement and Disparities (OHID). Formerly known as Public Health England (PHE). Since 2015, the British Ministry of Public Health has issued an evidence review report on e-cigarettes for eight consecutive years. It provided an important reference for the formulation of tobacco control policies. As early as in 2018, the Department had stressed in a report that e-cigarettes are at least 95% less harmful than combustible cigarettes.

In addition, OHID also updated the smoking cessation guidelines for doctors in April 2022. They pointed out in the Chapter on Smoking Cessation Assistance that "doctors should promote e-cigarettes to patients with smoking habits to help them quit smoking better."


Official UK Government Smoking Cessation Guidelines Updated on 5th April 2022

The report called for accurate communication of information on e-cigarettes to correct people's misunderstandings. The wrong perception would hinder them from using e-cigarettes to quit smoking. For example, warning minors to stay away from e-cigarettes should not mislead adult smokers.

It is said that this report is the last e-cigarette independent report of this series. That means the existing evidence is sufficient to help the British government improve its tobacco control policy. It promotes e-cigarettes more efficiently to help it achieve the goal of a smoke-free society by 2030.

In addition, researchers at the Queen Mary University of London conducted an experiment. 1,140 pregnant smokers were randomly selected to compare the effectiveness and safety data of their use of nicotine patches and e-cigarettes.

In 55% of the final saliva samples recovered, e-cigarettes were significantly more effective than patches in all abstinence groups. They could help women during pregnancy to quit smoking, and are as safe as nicotine replacement therapy (NRT). They may even reduce the risk of birthweight babies. Researchers also recommend that countries that promote e-cigarette smoking cessation expand the therapy to pregnant women.

Another "Annual Action on Smoking and Health Youth Survey (ASH)" data (released by the British research company YouGov) showed that e-cigarette users in the UK have increased significantly. Reaching 4.3 million people set a record high. Currently, disposable vapes are the most used. It has grown from 7% in 2020 to 52% in 2022, with an increase of more than 7 times in 2 years. The UK's National Health Service (NHS) has also said e-cigarettes are "significantly less harmful than combustible cigarettes" and recommended them as a way to cut down on cigarettes.

The UK official organization shows us that e-cigarette is really effective nicotine alternative to smoking. People including pregnant can use it to quit smoking. Therefore, you can use it to quit smoking with confidence.


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